Old TV

UK television adverts 1955–1990

Tea, coffee, milk, cream, and milk drinks

Anchor aerosol cream: c.late 1970s

A very small monkey is seen in a cage squirting lots of aerosol cream on his banana.
Screen flash (next to a can of Anchor cream):

Every dessert deserves a squirt!

Bird’s coffee (1): late 1970s

Mellow Birds will make you smile!

?Bird’s coffee (2)

Your eyes are filled with passion torrid … [takes sip of coffee]
Stone the crows, your coffee’s horrid!

Black & Green’s Tea: 1950s

Have you ever stopped to think
How many cups of tea you drink,
How many cups of tea a day,
How many packets thrown away?
Think of all the gifts this means
If you were drinking Black & Greens!

Bournvita (1): late 1960s

Take Bournvita tonight, take tomorrow in your stride.

Bournvita (2)

Sleep sweeter, Bournvita.


Bovril prevents that sinking feeling!

Brooke Bond Dividend Tea (1)

With former F1 world champion Jackie Stewart and his wife Helen

Music!I like a nice cup of D in the morning
Just to start the day you see
And at half-past eleven
Well my idea of Heaven
Is a nice cup of D.
I like a nice cup of D with my dinner,
And a nice cup of D with my tea,
And when it’s time for bed,
There’s a lot to be said,
For a nice cup of D!Music!

Based on the song “A Nice Cup of Tea” (Herbert / Sullivan)

Brooke Bond Dividend Tea (2)

A cup of D-lightful
A cup of D-licious
A cup of Re-freshing
Brooke Bond Dividend Tea.
A cup of D!

Brooke Bond PG Tips tea (1): 1956

The clock strikes four. In millions of English homes, that means it’s tea time.

[Introduction by Peter Sellers to the first Chimp Advert, set in an elegant country house with a boy and girl drinking tea from a silver service in china cups]

Tea you can really taste!

Brooke Bond PG Tips tea (2): 1971

Avez-vous un cuppa?

[with Stanley Baxter]

Brooke Bond PG Tips tea (3): 1971

Father: Getting the hang of it: mind the banisters, son.

Son: Oooh, I can’t hold it Dad.

Father: Don’t worry, son, I’ve shifted more pianos than you’ve had hot dinners.

Lady home-owner: Coo-ee, coo-ee, Mr Shifter, Light refreshment.

Father: Thank you kindly, madam. (Piano falls downstairs) One way of shifting it.

Voice-over: When a good cup of tea really counts, you’re right to drink Brooke Bond PG Tips. It’s the tea you can really taste.

Son: Dad, do you know the piano’s on my foot?

Father: You hum it son, and I’ll play it.

[The Chimps as piano-shifters]

Brooke Bond PG Tips tea (4): 1978

Plumber’s mate: Quick, pass another spanner, guv. It’s going to go. Quick, quick.

Plumber: Hang on, lad, leave it to me.

Plumber’s mate: You’re too late, it’s gone.

Plumber: Well, put the kettle under it. I’ve brought our favourite tea.

Voice-over: Some people will only settle for Brooke Bond PG Tips. It’s the tea you can really taste.

Plumber: Now lad, what’s needed is a little application.

Plumber’s mate: Right. Pass the monkey wrench.”

[The Chimps as plumbers, 1978]

Brook Bond PG Tips tea (5): 1970s

There's no other tea to beat PG … it's the taste!

Cadbury’s Coffee Compliment

(In the style of WC Fields)

’Pon my soul, a cup of coffee. How do you do, I am Cadbury’s Coffee Compliment. Together, we were made for each other!

Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate (1): 1955

What’s the time?
After television — and it’s Chocolate time!
Time for a smooth, smiling, cup of Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate —
The luxury evening drink!

Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate (2): c.1965

Hot chocolate, hot chocolate,
Drinking chocolate, drinking chocolate
Hot chocolate, hot chocolate,
Drinking chocolate, drinking chocolate:
Hot chocolate —
The drink that’s as warm as mink.

Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate (3): late 1960s

(whisper) Hot chocolate, drinking chocolate,
Hot chocolate, drinking chocolate…

Music!The late late drink,
Hot chocolate drinkMusic!

Chocolate … is … Cadbury’s.

Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate (4)

Music!Cup hands, here comes Cadbury’s
Cup hands, here comes Cadbury’s
Cup hands, here comes Cadbury’s now!Music!

[Tune: “Clap hands, here comes Charlie”]

Camp Coffee (1)

Ready? Aye ready!

Camp Coffee (2)

Drink Camp — it’s the best!

Camp Coffee (3)

Don’t be misled!

Carnation Evaporated Milk (1): 1958

Music! All the family love Carnation ’cos it’s double rich.
All the family love Carnation —
(Moo-oo, double rich!)Music!

Mmm Carnation! Carnation is quick to whip! Chill a small tin, whisk rapidly until double in bulk, add a tablespoon of lemon and one of caster sugar. Whisk again.

Music! All the family love Carnation —
(Moo-oo double rich!)Music!

Carnation Evaporated Milk (2): 1960

Music!All the family love Carnation
’Cos it’s double rich,
All the family love Carnation!Music!

Because Carnation makes even the simplest dishes taste wonderful, like this rice pudding made with one part double-rich Carnation to three parts water. It’s extra creamy, and to pamper the palate, pour Carnation over the pudding too. It’s delicious!

Music!Double rich, Carnation!Music!

Carnation Evaporated Milk (3)

Milk from contented cows.

Carnation Evaporated Milk (4)

As versatile as an egg!

Carnation Evaporated Milk (5): c.1972

Music!Carnation’s the one that’s loved the best!Music!

Coffee-mate (1): 1979

(Three office workers take a break)

1st: Monday morning!

2nd: The same old cup of coffee….

3rd: Cheer up! Try Coffee-mate — makes coffee taste great!

2nd: Coffee-mate?!

Voiceover: Coffee-mate is tiny grains bursting with concentrated flavour — giving coffee a very special creamy, smooth taste!

All: Music! It’s smooth and creamy — chases those blues away
We’ve never tried it before,
Now we can’t wait for more,
Coffee made smooth and coffee made great,
Coffee with Coffee-mate!Music!

Voiceover: Only at Chemists.

Coffee Mate (2)

It’s coffee’s perfect mate!

Coffee tastes nicer with Coffee Mate!

Co-op Tea: late 1950s

Auntie Sue pours any old brew,
And dear Aunt Jane pours out pure rain,
But mother sees we’ve Co-op Teas!

Cow & Gate milk food

Babies love it!

Cow & Gate cream

Music!Cow and Gate, farmer’s wife, double Devon cream.Music!

Cream: 1973

Cartoon character called “Saturday Cat” with the catchphrase:

Saturday says “Make it creamy!”

Elmlea (ersatz cream): early 1980s

Cat: If only these humans bought a second pot there’d be enough for us all!

Voiceover: Buy an extra pot of Elmlea, and enjoy the real alternative to cream throughout the week!

Horlicks (1): 1960s

Horlicks. The food drink of the night.

Horlicks (2)

Guards against night starvation.

Horlicks (3): 1984

Voiceover: Getting to sleep is difficult for many people — and others find it hard to stay asleep — through the night. When sleep doesn’t come easily, a Horlicks can help. Medical research has proven that Horlicks’ unique blend of natural ingredients in warm milk can help you sleep the whole night through.

Wife: Morning!

Husband: Already?! Oh, what a sleep!

Voiceover: Horlicks — the natural way for a good night’s sleep!

Kenco Traditional coffee: 1981

Scene: The Steptoes’ living room. Harold arrives home with an upper-class girl.

Harold: Er, I’ve brought Abigail home for a very quick demitasse….

Albert: You dirty little devil!

Harold: That’s a coffee!

Girl (looking at painting): Strange looking beast!

Harold: That’s my father! Oh, our horse! It is a Stubbs … this is a Rembrandt … and this is….

Albert: A lousy …

Harold: Yes, Pater.

Albert: …. low trick!

Harold: I’ll make the coffee (goes to the kitchen). Oh, that unmistakable aroma of Kenco Traditional — made from the very best Arabica beans you know….

Albert (to girl): I’ll show you me cigarette cards. (Girl giggles as he leads her upstairs.)

Harold: Music!Takes two to tango, Abigail.Music!

Voice-over: Traditional from Kenco — the real coffee experts!

[With Wilfrid Brambell as Albert and Harry H. Corbett as Harold]

Maxwell House coffee (1): Late 1950s

The drive-in movie is such a treat,
American boys their sweethearts meet,
What do they do in the dark back seat?
They drink America’s favourite coffee!
Maxwell House — America’s favourite coffee.

Maxwell House (2)

A bunch of girls sunbathing and surrounded by hunky men

On Florida's Miami Beach,
Every girl's a suntan peach,
What they want they keep in reach –
America's favourite coffee!

Maxwell House coffee (3): 1960s

Look into the jar — it’s a deep rich brown —
’cause there’s coffee pot freshness all the way down!

Maxwell House coffee (4)

Make every day good to the last drop.

Maxwell House coffee (5): c.1960

Cartoon showing two cars driving along a road in the same direction, one in each lane. They both manage to drive straight inside a removal lorry, where there is a convenient table, easy chairs and pot of coffee

Music!Americans drive on the right hand side
[twee voice] The En-glish on the left must ride
But when inside they both decide …
On America’s favourite coffee!Music!

Maxwell House!

Maxwell House coffee (6): c.1970

Everybody do the Maxwell House shake,
Everybody do the Maxwell House shake!

Milk (1): 1959

Drinka pinta milka day.

Milk (2): 1969

Music! Get with the pinta people,
The reason I observe,
Happy and healthy, that's how they plan to stay,
With a pinta, per person, per day.

Get with the pinta people,
You housewives know the score,
Fresh milk you need, so let's have more and more,
Like a pinta, per person, per day.

More, more energy
More, more healthy
Fresh milk it's got to be
You need milk – eventually.

Get with the pinta people,
Enjoy the simple life,
Milk is the answer, that's all you need to say,
A pinta, per person, per day. Music!

Milk (3): 1974

You know when you find that you haven’t got as much milk as you thought you had? What do you blame it on?

The birds dipping their beak on the doorstep? The kids knocking it back on the quiet?

Well, I’m told it’s none of these things. I’m told it’s the Humphreys! It seems these Humphreys are elusive, shy … thingies who devote their lives to drinking other people’s Unigate Milk. And they go to any length to get at it!

In which case, the answer to the Humphrey problem is simple! Order an extra pinta from your Unigate milkman. And while you’re enjoying your milk — if you relax or knit a rug, varnish the Renoir — watch your glass! That is, if you believe there are such things as … Humphreys?!

Watch out, watch out, watch out, watch out … there’s a Humphrey about!

[Unigate Milk, with Frank Muir]

Milk (4): 1974

If you hear a noise with your milk and your roll
It must be the 10.30 Humphrey patrol,
In slippers with pom-poms for creeping about.
Watch out watch out, watch out, watch out,
There’s a Humphrey about!

One hundred Humphrey’s soft as silk,
Out on the search for your Unigate milk,
Get extra pintas or you’ll be without.
Watch out watch out, watch out, watch out,
There’s a Humphrey about!

[Unigate Milk]

Milk (5): c.1973

Milk. Are you getting enough?

Milk (6)

Milk?! … u-ugh!!

It’s what Ian Rush drinks!

Ian Rush?!!!

Yeah, and he said if I don’t drink lots of milk I’ll only ever be good enough to play for Accrington Stanley.

Accrington Stanley? Who’re they?


[Accrington Stanley lost its league status in 1962, but were promoted back to the league in 2006]

Milk (7): 1975

At eventide ’tis pleasant for the civilised mind to indulge in a little Doss-ta-resty, while satisfying the ear with a little Mozart, and appeasing the palate with a glass of Unigate Milk….

’Ere who nicked it?!

Music!Get more milk cos they’re on the attack
Watch out, watch out, watch out, watch out —
cos the Humphrey’s are back!Music!

[With Arthur Mullard]

Milk (8): 1970/1

A pinta fills the energy gap.

Milk (9): 1983

Milk has gotta … lotta bottle,
Milk has gotta … lotta bottle,
Fresh milk’s gotta … lotta bottle,
Nice cold, ice cold MILK!

Nescafé (1)

That’s nice, that’s Nescafé!

Nescafé — the better way to start the day.

Awaken your senses!

Nescafé (2): 1971

With Grieg's "Morning Mood" from the Peer Gynt suite as the musical background

Nescafé makes a lovely cup of coffee.

Nescafé (3): c.1973

When you're serving coffee, better make sure it's Nescafé.

Nescafé (4): 1984

Music!Nescafé, Nescafé
The better way to start the day
Isn’t it fine that you woke up
To a richer, smoother tasting cup?Music!

Nothing beats that special Nescafé blend and roast to get you started in the morning!

Music! Start the day with Nescafé — coffee at its best!Music!

Niece: Toast, Auntie Di?

Auntie: To Nescafé — my number one coffee!

Nescafé Gold Blend (1)

Coffee at its best.

[with Gareth Hunt shaking the beans]

Nescafé Gold Blend (2)

Stir your senses with the fresh taste and rich aroma of Nescafé Gold
Blend — the coffee lover’s coffee.

Nescafé Gold Blend (3): 1984

Gold: rich, pure, precious. And only one coffee is called Gold Blend, because each bean is precious. Gold Blend: is there any other coffee that tastes as rich, as pure, as smooth? Try Gold Blend, and surely you will agree: Nothing is as good as Gold!

Nesquik: c.1968

With an animated hatted chap called Mr Mix

Music!Drink a glass of Nesquik, Nesquik’s fun!Music!

Nestlé Milo: early 1980s

Music!Our kids are our future the whole country round,
Build ’em up with Milo!
From the hustle and bustle of city to the little country town,
Build ’em up with Milo!Music!

Energy giving goodness with that great chocolaty taste!

Music! Build ’em up, build ’em up, build ’em up, build ’em up,
Build ’em up with Milo!Music!

It’s marvellous what a difference Milo makes!

Nesquik milk-shake flavouring

Come on — be a super shaker!

Nestea instant tea: 1970s

(1) Take the Nestea plunge!

(2) Plunge into the refreshment of Nestea!

Ovaltina (1)

Missionary about to be cooked by cannibals

Swinging here-a
To the rescue of this missionary-a
To avoid a
She adds instant Ovaltina.
Goodness rewriting
So he can save his skin
He puts them off eating,
Now he’s got free-a.
In an instant,
Have no fea-ar,
She’ll pick you up will Ovaltina.Music!

Ovaltina (2)

Train stuck on snowy mountain

Music! Ovaltina
Here we see her
Out to help those who’ve run out of steam-b
For they hold backwards down ravine-as
She brings welcome Ovaltina,
Goodness gives him back
He leaves her in the box
So he can go chuff chuff
While his redeemer
Slips away to pastures greener,
She’ll pick you up will Ovaltina!Music!

Ovaltine (1)

Music!We are the Ovaltineys, happy girls and boys,
Make your request we’ll not refuse you,
We are here just to amuse you,
Would you like a song or story,
Will you share our joys?
At games or sports we’re more than keen,
No merrier children could be seen,
Because we all drink Ovaltine
We’re happy girls and boys.Music!

[Revival of song first used on Radio Luxembourg in the 1930s]

Ovaltine (2): 1960s

(A mother baking gingerbread men)

A mother’s day belongs to her family, but round about eleven
there are a few precious moments she likes to call her own —
to relax and enjoy a cup of delicious Ovaltine.
Only Ovaltine has all the nourishing goodness of barley malt,
milk, eggs and added vitamins.
Ovaltine — enjoy it often — you can’t have too much of a good thing!

Ovaltine (3): 1960s

Every child has a built-in clock —
set at half-past breakfast and half-past dinner time —
and mother’s all ready with his cup of Ovaltine!
Only Ovaltine has all the nourishing goodness of barley malt,
milk, eggs and added vitamins.
Delicious Ovaltine! Always make it part of your day —
and your children’s too!
For as every mother knows — Ovaltine is good for a growing child —
and they can’t have too much of a good thing!

Ovaltine (4): 1960s

(The Olympics)
Ovaltine is the only food drink which has been officially
recognised for serving to competitors at every Olympic Games
since 1932.
Ovaltine — good for athletes — good for you!

Ovaltine (5): 1960s

(The farm)
Now more than ever the good things in hot nourishing Ovaltine
are vital to build up the body’s reserves that keep you healthy.
Drink Ovaltine — help put back what winter takes out of you!
Because no other drink gives you all the nourishment of farm eggs,
barley malt, and milk, and added vitamins all together in one delicious drink.
Only Ovaltine gives so much vital nourishment!
Drink Ovaltine and help bring back what winter takes out of you!

Ovaltine (6): c.1970

Open up a tin tonight, get set for a great day tomorrow.
Ovaltine – more than a bedtime drink.

Ovaltine (7): 1976

Ovaltine. Has there ever been a better way of ending the day?

Ovaltine (8): Late 1970s

Music!I can’t get over Ovaltine
It’s so delicious now
It tastes fantastic — wow!
It’s a whole new scene — O-O-O Ovaltine!
I can’t get over Ovaltine —
I can’t get over Ovaltine!

I can’t get over Ovaltine
My brain is troubled h-mm
Believe me my chum
It’s not the Ovaltine we had —
When we were young!
I can’t get over Ovaltine —
I can’t get over Ovaltine!Music!

Premium Tea: 1960s

(featuring ‘Primo’, a little plasticine bear who had his own magazine produced by Lyon's))

Music!Dum-dum dumde-dumde-dum dum dummmmm,
Gives you a sparkle, Premium Tea!Music!

Quick Brew Tea: c.1971

Roy Hudd (as a sergeant major):

Join the QBs!

Tea promotions: early 1960s

Music!Have you had a cuppa tea since tea time?Music!

Music!Join the Tea-ea Set!Music!

Series of advertisements, for example:

Tony Booth: They keep telling us to “join the tea set” but what would happen if they said, “Sorry, full up!”? Secret tea drinking, tea smuggling, tea orgies …. Drink tea now! Tomorrow’ll be too late!

Tetley tea bags (1): 1973

Tetley — Tet-a-let-a-ly
Flavour — lovely as can be!
Tetley make tea bags!
Tet-le-ey make tea bags —

Tetley tea bags (2)

It’s those little perforations that make all the difference.

Tetley tea bags (3)

Perforated for extra pleasure.

Tetley tea bags (4):mid-1970s

Tetley, a box of tea bags. A box in need of change! Ladies and gentlemen, we have the technology. We can rebuild it better than it was before. Easier, resealable, more compact, new soft pack.

“By ’eck, that’s bionic.”

That’s better, that’s Tetley.

Tetley tea bags (5)

Music!Round — like a teabag made by Tetley,
Like the stirring of a spoon,
Like your first cup in the morning,
Or supped beneath the moon,
Like that circulating flavour
Flooding out up to the brim,
A cup for you, and him and him —
And him, and him, and him,
Like that feeling when you’re flying,
Loop the looping in the skies,
It’s that rounder Tetley flavour —
It’s the taste that satisfies.Music!

[Tune: Windmills of my Mind]

Tetley tea bags (6): 1970s

With a helicopter view of a town in Britain

Music!All over Britain when the shopping is done
It’s the Tetley time of day,
All over Britain when the shopping is done
it is the Tetley time of day,
Ta la la ta la ta la la la….Music!

Ty·Phoo tea (1)

[Ty-Phoo is the Chinese word for “doctor”]

Music!When the clock on the wall
Goes ting-ting-ting
Everyone drinks Ty·Phoo
It’s one to savour
Much better flavour
Everyone drinks Ty·Phoo.Music!

Ty·Phoo tea (2)

Ty·Phoo tea — my favourite cup!
I drink it when the sun comes up!

Ty·Phoo tea (3)

Yoo-hoo, Ty·Phoo!

Get back your “oo” with Ty·Phoo!

Ty·Phoo puts the “T” in Britain,
The T that stands for “taste”.

Ty·Phoo tea (4): c.1967

England swings like the pendulums do,
Swinging chicks and swinging Ty·-Phoo.
Pour out a cup of it and you’ll agree,
Ty·Phoo’s Britain’s swingiest tea

Ty·Phoo tea (5): 1970s

Music!Better flavour, money saver, T-y-y-y-Phoo!Music!

Ty·Phoo tea (6): 1970s

I’m a Gnu, how do you do?
I’ve just moved into the house next door to you.
I’ve lost my Ty·Phoo, so let me ask you,
Can I borrow some of that most refreshing brew?
The flavour’s so fine — every time—
I just cannot wait to tell those friends of mine

Voiceover: For the tea that picks you up, pick up Ty·Phoo!

Ty·Phoo tea (7): 1985

Mr Gnu as a commuter on the 8.22 through Crewe

Ah, Mr Gnu,
I have news for you,
You’re going to need that highly refreshing brew.
What’s the train going to be late?
No your ticket’s out of date.

Ty·Phoo tea (8): 1985

(Su Pollard on the beach — drinking tea from a Ty·Phoo cup)

Su: Oo!


The beach donkeys:
Music!Oo makes a lovely cuppa-a-a-a,
No other tea-ea will do,
Oo makes a lovely cuppa-a-a-a,
That’s why it’s our favourite brew.
When we want an “oo”
We go for Ty·Phoo!Music!

Su: You only get an “oo” with Ty·Phoo!

[Tune: Una Paloma Blanca]

Ty·Phoo Fresh Brew: 1981

Music!When you need a cuppa tea to refresh you
Whistle uppa cuppa Fresh Brew,
Fresh Brew to the rescue,
It’s only Fresh Brew that’ll do-o!
When you need a cuppa tea to refresh you
Whistle uppa cuppa Fresh Brew
Fresh Brew — From Ty·Phoo!Music!

Wright's thick tea

Wright's thick tea,
Satisfy the family.

"Honey for me."

Young boy: Ooh, I like jam.

Adverts wanted

Black & Green’s tea

Cadbury’s cocoa

Cadbury’s Marvel

Kenco coffee

Lyon’s tea

Horniman’s tea

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