Old TV

UK television adverts 1955–1990

Electronic goods/batteries/music/cameras

Bontempi organs: 1973

Bontempi. Makes music child's play

Casio calculators

Precisely what you’re looking for.

Des O’Connor Now album: 1985

Des: Hello, this is my new album — Des O’Connor Now! Sixteen great songs — I think you’ll like them!

Duracell batteries (1): 1975

(showing battery-operated rabbit playing the drums)

It just goes on and on and on!

Duracell Batteries (2): 1981

The battery with the copper-coloured top.

Ever-Ready batteries

Music!Ever-Ready batteries —
For longer, longer life!Music!

Kodak Instamatic camera: 1975

Keep your memories in your pocket.
The Kodak pocket “Instamatic” camera —
easy to load, easy to use —
small enough to have with you all the time.
Make it a must for this year’s memories.
Kodak pocket “Instamatic” cameras —
Memories are made of this.

Kodak cameras: 1977

Kodak cameras. Where great ideas click.

Maxell cassette tape

Break the sound barrier!

Maxell Audio Tape: 1965

(Misheard lyrics to Desmond Dekker & The Aces “The Israelites”)

Music!Get up in the morning, sleeping for breakfast,
Sold out to every monk and beefhead,
Woh-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh! Me ears are alight!
Why find me kids, they buck up and a-leave me
Darling cheese-head I was yards too greas-y-y
Woh-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh! Me ears are alight!Music!

Voice-over: I should have bought Maxell!

Maxell video tape: 1984

Maxell video tape — lets the colour break through!

Memorex cassette tape: 1975

Is it live, or is it Memorex?

[featuring Ella Fitzgerald]


Our force is your energy!

Olympus Trip camera: late 1970s

Scene: Two wedding photographers (David Bailey and Phil Daniels) stand next to each other.

Phil (with large camera on tripod): Right, come on, smile everybody please …. smile! (Turns to David who is using a small, hand-held camera): Waste of time if you haven’t taken a light-reading!

David: That’s all right — this Olympus Trip is completely automatic — it works out the light and you just click the shutter!

Phil: Ah, it’s OK for snaps, but just you try my job … see the trouble with those small cameras is the lens….

David: No problem — it’s a Zeiko lens — they use it on the Olympus OM — one of the best cameras in the world!

Phil: I s’pose it’s OK for you boys but you wouldn’t get a professional using one!

Onlooker: D’you know who that is?

Phil: No.

Onlooker: David Bailey!

Phil: David Bailey? Who’s ’e?

Voiceover: The Olympus Trip — so simple anyone can use it!


Simply years ahead!

Polaroid cameras (1)

Live for the moment!

Polaroid cameras (2): 1977

It’s so simple!

Polaroid cameras (3)

The fun develops instantly!

Samsung: 1984

(with Simon Cadell)

Look at this — stylish isn’t it?
Or this VHS video — lots of functions.
Any ideas?

This microwave — the very latest technology from one of the world’s largest manufacturers!
Like this radio cassette they all carry the same name, but it’s not one of the ones you’re thinking of!

(One by one he pulls off the stickers covering the brand name)

Samsung! You pay for our product — not our name.

Scotch video tapes (1): c.1975

Skeleton watching horse racing on television falls off the sofa laughing

Voiceover: Scotch video for ever.

Scotch video tapes (2): mid-1980s

Music! I’m going to tell you how it’s going to be —
with Scotch’s lifetime guarantee.
Tape what you want both night and day —
Then re-record, not fade away,
Re-record not fade away,
Re-record not fade away.Music!

Every recording as good as the first —
or we’ll give you a new tape.
You can watch Scotch forever!

Music! Re-record, not fade away!Music!

[Tune: The Rolling Stones “Not Fade Away”]

Slimtel phone: 1984

(Music!In shapeMusic!)
Stay in shape with Slimtel!

(Music!In styleMusic!)
Slimtel is In-phone at its neatest!

(Music!In actionMusic!)
Just plug in and press on!

(Music!In styleMusic!)
On its own or on the wall Slimtel is very clever —
with a button that re-calls the last number dialled at a touch!

(Music!In touch, in tone — In-phoneMusic!)

Rent a Slimtel from British Telecom … or you can buy it from us and good stores, as a second phone, for just £29.95 plus installation. For details dial 100 and ask for freephone In-phone.

Xerox photocopiers: 1975

Xerox — it’s a miracle!

Adverts wanted


Apple computers (1984)

Bulova watches

Polaroid cameras



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