Old TV

UK television adverts 1955–1990

Cleaners, washing powders, etc

1001 carpet cleaner (1)

Music! It’s all dirt and dust,
But don’t you get fussed,
The answer is easily found,
One Thousand and One
Cleans a big, big carpet
For less than half a crown!Music!

1001 carpet cleaner (2)

Music!One Thousand and One, One Thousand and One
Gets rid of that workaday frown,
One Thousand and One cleans a big big carpet
For less than half a crown!Music!

Bright action foam (deep cleans!), brings up carpets like new!

Music!One Thousand and One cleans a big big carpet
For less than half a crown!Music!

1001 Dry Foam

One Thousand and One Dry Foam — Does it right!
One Thousand and One Dry Foam — Cleans it bright!
A brighter carpet means a brighter home,
One Thousand and One Dry Foam.

Acdo Washing Powder: 1971

Guaranteed for your protection.

Airwick air freshener (1)

Fragrances that change your world.

Airwick air freshener (2): 1970s

(Scrooge sits by the fire; Father Christmas arrives and puts up Christmas decorations)

The Airwick Winter Collection
Two limited edition festive fragrances —
Snowy cedars and mulled wine —
Guaranteed to bring the spirit of Christmas to any home!

Ajax (1)

(Two cleaners and a lift operator walk on the wall)

Gets floors too clean to walk on!

Ajax (2)

Power to shift deep-down stains!

Ajax (3)

Cleans like a white tornado!

Ariel (1)

With enzymes to digests dirt and stains/tackles the really tough stains that other powders leave behind

Ariel (2)

The dirt says “hot” the label says “not”.

Ariel (3)

Do your whites pass the window test? Ariel.

Bacofoil: 1970s

[Man in apron roller skates alongside an extra-long wallpapering table, lining up oven-ready chickens on Bacofoil]

Man: This is new double-length Bacofoil. I’ve got 30 seconds to show you how much food you can cook and wrap in this lot. I’m using chickens because I like chickens. It doesn’t have to be chickens. This lot will wrap 30 joints of beef, or 13 turkeys, or 65 pounds of cheese, or 104 rounds of sandwiches. [Reaches half-way point] This is where most other foils run out.

Voiceover: New double-length Bacofoil. It’s twice the foil, but not twice the price.

Man: I told you we needed a minute.

Big S

Soaks out stubborn stains!

BioTex: 1970s

Soaks stubborn stains away naturally.

Bold Automatic

Bold Automatic: low on suds but high on cleaning

Bounty kitchen towels: 1971

The quicker picker upper!

Brillo pads (1): early 1960s

I’m Prudence Pot(t)s the pan inspector
Prudence Pot(t)s the spot detector
I detect each burnt-on speck (?).

Brillo keeps aluminium brilliant!

Brillo pads (2)

He said “You’re mine for ever”,
but she got the dirty pans until Brillo freed her for love.
She thought marriage was a bed of roses ―
until she saw the mess in the kitchen.
There were pans ― dirty pans.
Yesterday she was a prisoner of dirty pans.
Brillo set her free.
He swept her into his arms, then dropped her into the sink.
It was a lifetime of dirty pans ― then Brillo arrived.
He promised her his worldly goods,
but all she got was pans ― dirty pans
Then one day Brillo broke into her prison.


Music!Washing machines live longer with Calgon.Music!


Softness is a thing called Comfort!

Daz (1): 1950s

The Daz white knights are coming your way with big cash prizes. We’re hurrying on our way with purses full of prize money. Our first stop could be at your house. We’re off.

If we call, just show us a large Daz packet, answer a simple question correctly, and you win £5. If you have two large or one giant size, you can win £10.

Daz white knights will be travelling far and wide including [towns varied by television area]. The Daz white nights are coming your way.

And here’s another exciting thing to look out for. Our squires are already putting leaflets through almost every door. It gives you an extra chance of winning the same big prizes.

Don’t waste this chance to win big prizes: buy Daz tomorrow because we may call on you. And remember, Daz washes so white you can see the difference!

Daz (2)

Hotpoint recommend Daz.

Daz (3)

Daz washes whitest of all.

Daz (4): c.1983

Music!The very next time your whites look sad,
Don’t settle for the whites you had.
Go for a better kind of clean —
The kind of white you’ve never see-een.Music!

Extra-power Daz gives you cleaning power for a whiteness you just can’t miss!
A real razzle-dazzle white!

Music!Razzle-dazzle Daz means razzle-dazzle white —
Extra clean, extra white …
That’s razzle-dazzle Daz!Music!

Razzle-dazzle … that’s what Daz has!

Domestos (1): 1960s

Domestos kills all known germs dead!

Domestos (2): 1970s

Domestos kills 99% of household germs.

Dreft (1): 1969

Dreft makes clothes springy-soft!

Dreft (2): 1972

Dreft keeps woollens soft as a lamb!

Lamb bleats: Dre–e–eft!

Dual floor cleaner

Dual action for floors

Duraglit (silver/brass polish wadding): early 1960s

Music!Duraglit, Duraglit,
You should see the shine on it!
Buy Some, try some
Wonderful Duraglit!Music!

Fabulon fabric conditioner

Fabulous Fabulon, makes clothes feel like new!

Fairy household soap

Fanny Cradock and Johnny are in the kitchen where Fanny is giving Johnny a hard time for having dirty cuffs and collars. After Fanny has given the items a good scrubbing with a block of Fairy soap, the stains vanish. Johnny adjusts his monocle and admires the result.

Fanny (looking into the camera): Fairy’s a must for collars and cuffs!

Fairy Liquid (1): 1961

Music!Now hands that do dishes can feel soft as your face
With mild green Fairy Liquid.Music!

Fairy Liquid (2): 1965

4-year-old girl using Fairy Liquid bottles to play skittles

Mother: Who’s got my Fairy Liquid?

Daughter: It’s for my skittles.

Mother: I couldn’t wash up without my Fairy Liquid.

Daughter: Why not?

Mother: Because it keeps my hands nice and soft.

Daughter: You don’t put it on your hands.

Mother: No, I put it in the water…

[goes on talking as she does the washing up]

Daughter: Here’s your bottle back.

Mother: Thank you. You can have it when it’s finished.

Daughter: Will you get another one then?

Mother: I expect so.

Music!Now hands that do dishes can feel soft as your face
With mild green Fairy Liquid.Music!

[With Kerry Jane Ogilvy as the mother]

Fairy Liquid (3)

Mummy, why are your hands so soft?

Fairy Liquid (4): 1969

Girl (bumping into woman on sofa): Oh, sorry. Is this your first office party?

Woman: Yes.

Girl: Are you his secretary?

Woman: No, I’m his wife.

Girl: Oh, gosh, I’m sorry. You don’t look married.

Woman: With three children?

Girl: Three? What a pile of work.

Woman: It’s all eating and washing up.

Girl: No one would know. Look at our hands. There’s no difference. And I hardly ever get near a sink.

Woman: That’s Fairy Liquid. It’s marvellous for the dishes, even the greasy ones, and yet it really helps my hands stay soft.

Girl: I can see that. They look completely … unmarried!

Voiceover: Fairy Liquid helps married hands keep that single girl look.

Fairy Snow (1): 1957

Fairy Snow gives washday white without washday red!

Fairy Snow (2)

Forces grey out, forces white in!

Fairy Snow (3): 1970s

Fairy Snow is great,
It’s got Perborate.
It gets right to the heart of the wash.

Favor polish: 1968

Music!It’s good for the wood ’cos it’s wax (beeswax)!Music!

Flash (1)

Music!All around the house, all around the house, all around the house
Springclean with Flash!Music!

Flash (2): 1960s

Voiceover: Here in his home, Woburn Abbey, is His Grace, the Duke of Bedford.

The Duke: Hello … we all enjoy having visitors and I have up to 40,000 a week! This, and being open every day of the year, gives me a big cleaning problem … so I’m very keen to see how Flash compares with washing powder in this floor-cleaning demonstration.

Voiceover: The Duke is watching two of the Abbey cleaners who have begun the test. One’s using Flash … the other an ordinary washing powder. On the washing powder side progress is slow … and all those suds will have to be rinsed off and wiped dry. But on the Flash side she just squeezes her mop very thoroughly and goes once over. Flash cleans fast with no rinsing, no wiping dry! Flash is well ahead now … and yes, the Flash side’s finished! Clean in half the time!

The Duke: Well that’s certainly shown how Flash saves work and time! After that impressive result I should say that it’s the best cleaner for any home!

Voiceover: For all those big cleaning jobs about the house … Flash cuts cleaning time in half!

Music!Flash cuts cleaning time in half.Music!

Flash (3)

No hard rubbing, or streaks … and finished in half the time!

[Molly Weir]

Flash (4): c.1966

Music!Cut a dash, cut a dash
Spring clean with Flash!Music!

Flash (5): 1971

Music!A winter house gets under your skin,
So get out the Flash — bring the sunshine in!Music!

Voice-over: Fast action Flash has the power you need
To get your cleaning done with the greatest speed,
It’s easy with Flash to bring the sunshine in.

Music!Flash lifts dirt away soon, everything’s bright
You’ve got a sunshine house — what a lovely sight!Music!

Get out the Flash — it’s so fast with Flash
To bring the sunshine in!

Floret fly killer

The fragrant fly killer.

Gumption: 1980

Music!There’s a name you all remember but now it’s something new —
Use a little Gumption, use a little Gumption!Music!

New Gumption is better than ever! Now Gumption has an easy-flow cap— right down to the last drop. Gumption’s improved formula has extra cleaning power— more powerful, even on the toughest jobs — smoother for a perfect Gumption shine!

Music! Yes, now it’s something new —
Use a little Gumption!Music!

Gumption Kitchen Cream and Gumption Bathroom Cream: 1970s

Voiceover (sounding like FBI) : We were called in to investigate a sparkling clean kitchen.
Mmm – a smooth operator – not a scratch – ammonia power – it was a cinch!
New Gumption Kitchen Cream!
We suspected teamwork so we checked out the bathroom. So clean we had to put on our shades to dim the sparkle! Lemon fresh smell – what a giveaway!
It had to be new Gumption Bathroom Cream – that team’s really cleaning up!

Gumption: early 1970s

Liquid Gumption … the grime buster"

Handy Andy: c.1960

Handy Andy, strong little gentleman
Cleans the whole house faster than —
A whole lot of other cleaners can!


Cleans right round the bend!

Jif (now Cif): 1974

Scouring powders can leave tiny scratches on surfaces – like skates on ice! But Jif scouring cream is different. Jif with ammonia has cleaning strength that doesn’t scratch!
Jif is safe on stainless steel …
safe on enamel …
safe on porcelain …
safe on chrome.
For today’s surfaces use Jif! Jif with the power to clean right through to the shine.

Kiwi shoe polish

When your shoes shine, so do you!

Johnson’s polish

Music!Johnson’s are the polishes for furniture and floors,
They’re so easy, they’re so easy,
Johnson’s are the polishes for furniture and floors,
They’re so easy to shine.Music!

Lenor: c.1970s

There’s a softness and a freshness
You’ve never known before
That’s the loving touch of New Lenor!

Lifeguard pine disinfectant: 1970s

That fresh green smell means all is well.
Lifeguard’s on parade!

Liquid Dreft washing-up liquid: 1950s

These are the hands of a Liquid Dreft handmaiden — and they may be ringing at your front door with exciting prizes worth £14! With new Liquid Dreft for dishes on hand you can win a real Wedgwood bone china tea service … 20 pieces plus teapot! Or this stainless steel Prestige pan set with special aluminium-clad bases suitable for any cooker! Or a 42-piece cutlery set in firm Staybrite stainless steel — guaranteed for twenty years!

If the handmaidens call, just show Liquid Dreft, answer the question correctly, and win a prize worth £14!

Have Liquid Dreft on hand … in case the handmaidens call!

Lux flakes

Brightness, brightness, brightness,
Women want brightness!

Lux Flakes: 1950s

For washing dainty fabrics …
Dainty things never shrink from Lux!

Marigold Chic House Gloves (early 1970s)

Wife enamoured with her kitchen gloves to her distracted husband:
Look George, George LOOK!

Mr Muscle: 1980s

Mr Muscle loves the jobs you hate!

Mr Sheen (1): c.1970

With Willie Rushton

Mr Sheen, the polish that cleans … so many surfaces!

Mr Sheen

Mr Sheen cleans oodles of things

changed in the early 1980s to

Music!Mr Sheen cleans umpteen things clean!Music!

Omo (1): 1958

Omo adds brightness to whiteness.

Omo (2)

Music! Omo washes not only clean,
Not only white, but bright,
Omo adds bright, bright brightness!Music!

Omo (3)

With bright new power for a bright new world!

Omo (4)

So bright, even a man notices!


Keeps whites whiter than white,
Colours sparkling white;
White without bleaching,
That’s what we’re teaching.

There’s nothing like OXYDOL!!!

Persil (1): 1958

Music!Someone’s mum got back to white
And someone’s mum got back to bright
And someone’s mum really knows what’s right,
New Persil washes even whiter,
Even whiter!Music!

It’s wonderful! A soap powder that leaves no scum —
even in our hard water — and it washes even whiter!

Music!New Persil washes even whiter!
(Even whiter)
New Persil washes even whiter!Music!

Persil (2): 1950s

These are the cars (Win five pounds!)
These are the girls (Win five pounds!)
The Persil girls (Win five pounds!)
Looking for Persil (Win five pounds!)
Powder or liquid (Win five pounds!)
Answer a question (Win five pounds!)
Powder alone (Win five pounds!)
Liquid alone (Win five pounds!)
But add them together — (You double your money!)
Powder and liquid (Double your money!)
One powder, one liquid (Win twenty pounds!)
Two powders, one liquid (Win thirty pounds!)
One powder, two liquids (Win thirty pounds!)
She’s won thirty pounds! Powder and liquid (Double your money!)
Buy both Persils (Double your money!)

You can win thirty pounds! (Go and buy Persil powder and liquid now!)

Persil (3): c.1960

Persil washes whiter — and it shows!

Persil (4): 1968/9

Music!Every day shines a little brighter
Persil aut-o-matic washes whiterMusic!

Tune: Buddy Holly’s “Every Day”

Persil (5)

Someone’s mum just doesn’t know
What someone’s mum just ought to know
That Persil washes whiter.

Persil (6)

Persil, one of the signs of a mother’s care

Persil (7): 1983

It was a day like any other day at the Persil laboratory….
When suddenly!

“I’ve found it! A system! A complete new system!”

Music!I’ve found a system — complete new system!
New System Persil Automatic will wash your cares away!Music!

No other powder deals better with all kinds of stains at all temperatures!
No other powder’s as good on difficult stains like tea, coffee and fruit juice! Because no other powder can do so much at lower temperatures! And New System Persil Automatic is still as kind as ever!

Music!He’s found a system — complete new system
New System Persil Automatic will wash your cares away!
And so say all of us!
And so say all of us!
He’s found a system — complete new system
New System Persil Automatic will wash your cares awa-a-y!
New System Persil Automatic — it’s in the shop toda-a-a-y!Music!

Persil (8): 1985

Music!Don’t worry about a thing
’Cause every little thing gonna be all right (gonna be all right)
Singing don’t worry — about a thing ….Music!

Whatever the temperature, whatever the fabric, whatever the machine —
Persil Automatic gets the whole wash … right!

Music! Don’t worry about a thing
’Cause every little thing gonna be all right
Gonna be all right … gonna be all right….Music!

[Tune: Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”]

Playtex Living gloves: 1976

The everyday beauty treatment for busy hands

Pledge furniture polish (1): late 1960s

Turns your duster into a magnet.

(duster turns into the shape of a magnet)

Pledge furniture polish (2)

Cleans and polishes in one go.

Polly Roll kitchen towels (by Izal): 1959

Wife (to husband): Look at you messing up my kitchen – go on!
Honestly! Men! Why on earth they can’t do a simple bit of cooking without spilling fat all over the place I’ll never know!
David! Oh, he’s gone … cleared off while I clear up … with, of course, Polly Roll!
Over one hundred feet of absorbent paper that’s absolutely wonderful for cleaning up!


Rinso: early 1960s

Music!Rinso white
Rinso Bright
Happy little washday song!Music!

Rinso: 1966

(Women need sunglasses to look at clothes)

Music!New Sunshine Rinso, with sunshine whiteners,
Puts Rinso Sunshine in your machine!
Do all your washing with Rinso Sunshine.
Sunshine Whiteners, sunshine brighteners, Rinso clean!Music!

[Tune: You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine]


You won’t want to throw them away

Shake ’n’ Vac: 1979

Stale smells up here often come from down there — in your carpet. Smells from your dog — and tobacco too! Well, Shake ’n’ Vac from Glade is here! — it’s all you have to do….

Music!Do the Shake ’n’ Vac
And put the freshness back,
Do the Shake ’n’ Vac
And put the freshness back.
When your carpet smells fresh
Your room does too
Every time you vacuum
Remember what to do!
Do the Shake ’n’ Vac
And put the freshness back…. (to fade)Music!

Shake ’n’ Vac — the new carpet and room freshener from Glade.
[With Jenny Logan]

Simoniz floor wax

Childproof because there’s vinyl in it!

Snappies: 1976

Bags with bags of uses!

Spic: 1960s

A tablet for your washing machine.

Sqezy washing up liquid

Music!It’s easy with Sqezy, the washing-up wizard,
So easy with Sqezy to get dishes clean!

It’s so easy, it’s so easy,
It’s so easy with Sqezy!Music!


Hold it up to the light
Not a stain and shining bright!

Removes ninety-nine top stains!

Tide washing powder (1): 1955

Music!The cleanest clean under the sun is Tide clean — new Tide clean!Music!

Clean and bright as the sun on the sand — the kind of clean you like best — next to those you love. That’s because new Tide has extra cleaning power! With Tide things always come out fresh as a sea breeze! More than white, more than bright — really clean!


The cleanest clean under the sun!

Music! What a wonderful sight when your wash is done,
The cleanest clean under the sun …
Is Tide clean — new Tide clean!Music!

Tide washing powder (2): 1957

Well, what d’you know?
There was no hesitation that time,
She knew what she wanted,
The famous bulls eye packet,
The washing powder that really gets clothes cleanest,
White Tide!

[Hughie Green (White Tide man) and Mrs Bradshaw]

Tide washing powder (3): c.1960

Little girl: Next to me, Mummy likes Tide clean clothes.

Tide washing powder (4): 1960s

Tide gets your clothes clean,
Not just clean, but deep-down clean

[If you could show two packet tops from new White Tide to Alan Freeman when he knocked at your door, you would win cash]

Tide washing powder (5)

Woman: Who first said “It will all come out in the wash”?

Bruce Forsyth: White Tide?

Woman: No, Don Quixote.

Vapona Fly Killer: 1960s

Ten thousand flies killed — fast as this: (clock registers 15 minutes)
It’s Vapona! A fly killer you can trust.
No other fly killer lasts longer than Vapona — from Shell!

Vigor: early 1970s

New Vigor … the dirt dissolver.

Vortex bleach: 1985

Interviewer: Neil, your lab’s been testing bleaches for us — what’s the verdict?

Neil Butler, microbiologist: You mean which killed germs longest in the lavatory?

Interviewer: Yes!

Neil: My tests did find a winner which killed germs longer. Look at these samples — we took them from lavatories after a number of flushes. Here’s the bleach that came second — germs are beginning to breed again! But the winner is still killing germs!

Interviewer: Care to name it for us?

Neil: It’s Vortex!

Interviewer: In these tests Vortex killed germs longer — that’s a scientist’s verdict!

Windolene (1): 1950s

Music! If you love the things that sunshine brings …
love the things you see through your windowMusic!

Windows are like eyes: to keep them bright and beautiful — Windolene! Only a cream like pink Windolene holds special glass polish to make windows sparkle as you wipe!

Music!See the children playing in the sun – through your window … WindoleneMusic!

Windolene (2)

Music!Wipe it on Windolene, wipe it off Windolene,
That’s how to get your windows clean,
Wipe it off straight away, wipe it off no delay,
So easy with new Windolene, Windolene!Music!

Wisk detergent: 1968

Ring around the collar.

Zal Disinfectant: 1960s

Music!Zal is freshness with a zing!
Everyday, yes, Zal’s the thing,
The dreamy, steamy smell of pine,
Zal disinfectant every time!
Zal hates germs, just kicks them out!
Leaves the smell of pine about,
You’ll notice the difference with everything!
Zal is freshness with a zing!Music!

[Sung by Matt Monroe]

Adverts wanted

Acdo soap powder

Airwick air freshener


Brillo pads (1957): Prudence Potts the Pan Inspector (animated old lady on bicycle)
helping a woman clean her kitchen floors, countertops, pans, etc

Cherry Blossom Padawax

Daz advert relating to their free plastic flower with every pack promotion


Jeyes Fluid and Parazone Bleach

Johnson’s wax


Kitchen paper

Lavendo floor polish

Lux washing-up liquid

Mansion floor polish

Marigold plastic gloves

Milton sterilizing fluid


Quix washing-up liquid

Robin starch

Ronuk polishes

San Izal disinfectant

Shoe polish (Kiwi etc.)

Sqezy washing-up liquid


Can anyone verify that “Clean and Bright, Super white” sung to a tune like
“Jesus Christ, Superstar” was an advert for Rinso?

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