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Medical products


A-B-D-I-N-E, Abdine is the drink for me
First the blue, then the white,
Makes me all right!

Alka-Seltzer (1)

Eat, drink, and be merry,
And don’t forget the Alka-Seltzer [Christmas]

Alka-Seltzer (2): 1976

You worked too hard, you ate too much,
The cheesecake made you greedy,
But your aching head and stomach hear this message from old Speedy:

Music!Alka Seltzer!
Plop plop fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is,
Plop plop fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is.Music!

Ahhhhh! Those speedy Alka Seltzer bubbles burst into action to relieve your upset stomach and aching head FAST.

Music!Oh, what a relief it IS!Music!


Tense nervous headache? Nothing acts faster than Anadin!

Andrews Liver Salts


Music!Andrews, Andrews for inner cleanliness.Music!

Beecham’s Pills

Beecham’s pills make all the difference!

Beecham’s Powders

Beecham’s Powders don’t waste a second in bringing relief!

Give your cold the all-in-one!

Benylin cough mixture

Nothing is more effective without a prescription.

Bisodol indigestion tablets (1): 1970

Bisodol gets to work at once!

Bisodol indigestion tablets (2): 1983

Beats indigestion fast

Calomel: 1950s

Wake up your liver with calomel!

Contac 400: 1970s

Endless handkerchiefs are the sign of a streaming cold!
Contac 400 is a modern effective answer. In each capsule there are 400 tiny time pills that give you up to twelve hours relief … from streaming eyes, a runny nose, and that blocked-up feeling.
Contac 400 helps dry colds for up to twelve hours!


The cough medicine with clout!


Disprin the soluble aspirin, the type doctors prefer.

Elastoplast Airstrip

This is a rather surprising plaster.
Surprising because although you can’t see them,
there are hundreds and hundreds of little holes —
much too tiny for dirt and germs to get through — but which let in air.
It’s called — Airstrip.
It lets in air but keeps dirt and germs out.

Elastoplast Airstrip: c.1980

Spoken by a female voice over ballet music, with young ballerinas doing choreographed stretches to bars in time with the music:

Elastoplast Airstrip protects because its airproof,
Airstrip is waterproof,
Airstrip is knock-proof,
Airstrip is dustproof….

Elastoplast Antiseptic: 1982

(Cartoon Jerry gets the better of Tom)

There, there, there!
New Elastoplast Antiseptic liquid.

(Child falls from swing … “ow”)

There, there, there!
Soothing Elastoplast Antiseptic Cream.

(Ballroom dancers)
Quick-quick, slo-o-w, quick-quick …o-oh!
There, there, there!

More care and protection from Elastoplast.

Eno’s Fruit Salts: early 1960s

E-N-O, Eno!
When you’re feeling low, Eno!
It’s mild and gentle, and good tasting too
E-N-O, Eno!

Fisherman’s Friend throat lozenges: early 1960s

Suck ’em and see!

Germoline: c.1960

Music!A cut or a scratch, a burn or a bruise,
Germoline is the ointment to use.
To stop infections and keep wounds clean
You know you’re safe with Germoline.Music!

Hacks: 1950s

Hacks, Hacks, Hacks
The real cough sweet that’s a treat to eat!

Haliborange: early 1970s

Music!Haliborange lets the sunshine in!Music!

Hall’s Mentholyptus (1)

Hall’s special vapour action unblocks your nose,
soothes your throat, helps you through your day.
Hall’s Mentholyptus — vapour action for your nose and throat.

Halls Mentholyptus (2)

[Little cartoon character pacing up and down with throbbing red nose]

I deed Mentholyptus
I deed Mentholyptus
I deed Mentholyptus….


For coughs and colds take Lemsip


Lucozade aids recovery.

Lucozade replaces lost energy

MAC sweets

Music! Don't have a throat, have a MAC sweet! Music!


Your nose needs Mentholatum!

Nicotinel (early 1980s)

It needn’t be hell with Nicotinel.

Optrex: 1973

Animated adverts playing around with the letters of the word Optrex, including:

Optrex. The perfect solution for irritated eyes.

Optrex. The perfect solution for eye pollution.

Phensic: 1950s

Do you suffer from headaches? Then take Phensic.
Aspirin + phenaticin + caffeine added together make Phensic. These extra ingredients are why Phensic works better than aspirin alone.

You will soon feel fine again with Phensic. So take Phensic.
Remember: Phensic is better for headaches than aspirin alone.

Phyllosan (vitamin and iron supplement)

Fortifies the over-forties.


They’re chewy, not chalky.

Rolaids (indigestion medicine): 1960s

R-O-L-A-I-D-S spells Relief!


Losing vitality? Feeling low? Run down?
A course of Sanatogen restores your health.

Settlers antacid tablets

Settlers bring express relief.

Solmin: 1985

Tension … headache!
Tension … headache!
Now let’s see that again.

Male in busy office: Don’t let a headache build up — take Solmin. Solmin gives fast effective relief, and because they disperse pleasantly in the mouth with out water, you can take them anywhere!

Voiceover: Don’t carry a headache around — carry Solmin!


First aid for sore throats

Tunes 1

Tunes help you breathe more easily.

Help clear your nose and soothe your throat.

Tunes 2

(Bunged-up nose)
“A second-class return to Dottingham, please.”

(after sucking Tunes)
“A second class return to Nottingham, please.”

Veno’s cough mixture (1): 1950s

I’m the Veno’s Snowman, call me “Pop”,
You’ll find me in the chemist’s shop,
Take Veno’s and your cough soon goes,
So stop that cough with … Veno’s.

Veno’s cough mixture (2)

When mother says Veno’s, it’s the best mixture she knows

Vick’s Sinex Nasal Spray (1)

Malcolm: Oh Mum, I can’t take my exam blocked up like this.

Mum: Here, Malcolm, take some of this.

Malcolm: Vick’s Sinex Nasal Spray? I’ll give it a try.

Later that day:

Malcolm: Mum, I’m home.

Mum: How did the exam go?

Malcolm (lifting pot lid): Oh that smells good, Mum.

Mum: Malcolm? Malcolm!

Vick’s Sinex Nasal Spray (2)

Malcolm’s Mum: ’Course you can, Michael!

Vick’s VapoRub

Follow the Vick’s VapoRub one, two, three treatment.
One on the back, two on the throat, three on the chest.
Its vapours help clear the nose, calm the cough,
and it warms and soothes the body.
Vick’s VapoRub helps you feel one, two, three times better.


Zubes cough sweets

Zubes are good for your tubes!

Hoarse? Go suck a Zube!




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Brulidine Cream

California syrup of figs


Chloraseptic lozenges



Milk of Magnesia

Cough linctuses (Vick, Tyxilyx, Night Nurse);

“Saw throat”?

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