Old TV

UK television adverts 1955–1990

Breads, spreads, biscuits, crackers, cakes

Anchor Butter (1): c.1970

There’s an Anchor sign on Britain’s favourite butter,
It’s the Anchor sign that tells you it’s the best.

If you like your bread and butter,
There’s no other word you’ll utter
’Cos you’ll always want the butter
With the Anchor sign!

(A little butter sailor singing and dancing to a hornpipe tune)

Anchor Butter (2): 1982

Music!Didn’t we have a lov-er-ly time
Those far off days with Anchor?
Salmon and cucumber butties for you
Something cheesy — ain’t it breezy?
Somebody’s seen the butler machine!
Kiss-me-quick and donkeys
So far away — and I Anchor today
For those days gone by.Music!

You’ve got to Anchor for the real taste of butter!

Tune: “Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to Bangor”]

Anchor Butter (3)

There’s an anchor sign on Britain’s favourite butter,
It’s the anchor sign that tells you it’s the best.
If you want your bread and butter there’s no other name you’ll utter
’Cos Britain’s favourite butter has the Anchor sign

Everybody loves it ’cos it tastes so nice,
Housewives like it for the lovely price.
If you want your bread and butter there’s no other name you’ll utter
’Cos Britain’s favourite butter has the Anchor sign!

Big T bread: 1970s

Music!Big T, Big T Roll,
Big T, Big T in a ba-ag!Music!

(The wrapping was one of the first plastic bag types, which eventually almost replaced wax paper)

Blue Band Margarine

It’s a good good feeling!

Breakaway chocolate biscuit: c.1972

With Eric Idle’s “nudge nudge” advert adapted from Monty Python

Breakaway. The milk chocolate suggestive biscuit.

Burton’s Bingo caramel bar

Sung by Joe Brown in a cockney accent in skiffle style, to the tune of "What a crazy world we’re living in."

Music! Burton’s made a biscuit,
Favver said "By jingo!"
"Muvva’s played a blinder son, she’s gone and bought some Bingo".
Sister can’t resist ’em, with all that Ca-Ra-Mel
When ’er boyfriend asks for some she says “You go and buy yer own!” Music!

Joe: So do your mouth a favour, and listen you yer ma,
Buy a Burton’s Bingo Caramel Bar

Sister: With lovely chocolate!

Joe: Buy a Burton’s Bingo Caramel Bar

Father: With crispy wafer!

Joe: Buy a Burton’s Bingo Caramel Bar
And give us anuvver muvver!

Butter (1): 1950s

Lady (giving man a sandwich): Here you are. It’s butter too. Real butter.

Man: Mmmm: wonderful!

Lady: Only butter tastes like butter.

Voiceover: Buy some extra butter this week.

Butter (2): 1960s

With Arthur Lowe and John Le Mesurier

AL: What are you doing with that teacake?

JLM: Nothing; nothing at all really.

AL: You are looking to see if it has got butter in it, aren't you? Well, has it?

JLM: It's rather difficult to say.

AL: Well, don't keep staring at it. Taste it. That's the only way to tell if there's butter in it

JLM: Mmmm. Beautiful butter.

AL: Thank goodness for that.

Voiceover: Butter tastes so much better.

Cadbury’s Chocolate Biscuits: 1950s

Good to eat and good for you …
Cadbury’s Chocolate Biscuits.

Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers (1): 1960s

They’re singular, they’re fingular,
They’re biscuits without any bends,
They’re long and little, they start at the middle
And come to a stop at the ends.

They’re long and thin
With a chocolate skin —
Like sticks in chocolate silk
But the most singular thing
In a finger is …
Cadbury’s Dairy Milk!

Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers (2)

Music!Well I got these chocolate fingers now
And I know they’re gonna please,
They sure taste good, well I knew they would,
’Cos they’re made by Cadbury’s.

Well those fingers sure go quickly,
And I tell you kids they should,
’Cos when Cadbury’s make the chocolate,
It sure makes those fingers good

So the next time you buy fingers,
Make sure they’re just like these,
’Cos the chocolate makes the fingers,
And the chocolate’s Cadbury’s!

Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers (3)

[Child trying to fit Cadbury’s chocolate fingers between his own fingers bites the end off to make it fit]:

Why are you so clever, Brian?

Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers (4)

Brian (counting chocolate fingers in a box): “Firty-one, firty-two ….

Younger friend: Wha’ ya doin’ Brian?

Brian: I'm counting Cadburys chocolate fingers.

Younger friend: Oh, how many are there?

Brian: There are firty-two in every box of Cadburys chocolate fingers.

Younger friend (after a long pause): I wish I was a clever as you, Brian.  I really … I really do.

Cadbury’s Flake Cake: 1970s

Music!What makes a little cake so Cadbury?Music!

It’s the Cadbury’s Chocolate Flake —
that makes Cadbury’s Flake cake so original!

Music!It’s that touch of originality
That makes a little cake so CadburyMusic!

Cadbury’s bake such original cakes!

Cadbury’s Mini Roll: c.1972

Music!It’s that touch of orig-in-al-ity
That makes a little cake so … Cad-bu-ry!Music!

Clover (1): early 1980s

Clover spreads straight from the fridge.

Clover (2): 1983/4

Music!Roll it over in the Clover,
Roll it over, spread it on and do it again!Music!

Country Life butter (1): early 1970s

Country Life English butter. Our cows are closer.

Country Life butter (2)

Music!Oh we are the lads from Country Life —
And you’ll never put a better bit of butter on your knife,
If you haven’t any i-i-in … have a word with your wife
And spread it on your toast in the morning!

It’s English butter through and through (through and through),
Tasty, fresh, and creamy too (creamy too);
Oh you’ll never put a better bit of butter on your knife,
And so the toast is Country Life (Country Life).

It’s Country Life, it’s English too,
From the cow to the dairy, from the dairy down to you,
It’s pure and fresh, and creamy through and through,
So spread it on your toast in the morning!Music!

[Tune: D’ya Ken John Peel]

Country Life butter (2)

Music!There’s a grocer’s in the town (in the town)
Opposite the Rose and Crown (Rose and Crown)
And on Thursdays they go down and load the van
With Country Life butter from the man (grocer man).Music!

[Tune: There’s a Tavern in the Town]

Country Life butter (3): 1981

Music!Oh we are the lads from Country Life —
And you’ll never put a better bit of butter on your knife,
If you haven’t any i-i-in … have a word with your wife
And spread it on your toast in the morning!

It’s Country Life, it’s English too….!Music!

Who’s this?
What them doin’ ?
It’s whatd’y’callit!
Oh … bye! Oh bye!… Bye!

Music!So spread it on your toast in the morning!Music!

Voice-over: Country Life — you’ll never put a better bit of butter on your knife!)

[With the butter men]

Country Life butter (4)

Music!She knows what I likes, this wife of mine.”
And she gets it all the time…Music!

Country Life butter (5)

Tune: Ash Grove

Music!We’re ’ere on a picnic,
You can join us if you’ll be quick,
We’ve got lots of tasty goodies
And of course Country Life.

It’s fresh and it’s English
And it’s creamy as you could wish
O you’ll never put a better bit o’
Butter on your knife.

You can jam it, meat-paste it,
On fresh bread you’ll really taste it,
And it’s lovely with a crumpet
But don’t tell the wife.Music!

Crawford Cheddar biscuits

Crawford Cheddars,
Light and crispy,
Rich and golden,
Cheddar cheesy!

Crawford Cheddars,
Round and tempting,
More than thirty —
You’ll keep coming back for just one more!

Crawford’s Cheddars. Bet you can’t eat just one!

Energen crispbread

Energen leads the march against starch!

Fletcher loaf

Better fetch a Fletcher loaf,
Better fetch a Fletcher loaf!

Flora margarine: 1980

[Man outside supermarket mouths to his wife] “Flora!”

Voice-over: Flora! the margarine for men!

Frear’s biscuits

Music!Frears are Jolly Good Biscuits to try try try,
Frears are Jolly Good Biscuits to buy buy buy,
If you’ve never tried them,
Why Why Why?
For Frears are Jolly Good Biscuits to buy buy buy.Music!

Fresh Cream Cakes: c.1980

(With Les Dawson and Roy Barraclough in drag, looking at a photograph album)

Roy: Looking through these, don’t you get an intense flush of nostalgia?

Les: Only in the warm weather!

Roy: Look, there’s your Bert!

Les (munching on a huge cream cake): In his de-mob suit — he was a lion amongst men in them days! I’m filling up!

Roy: So I see!

Voiceover: Fresh Cream Cakes — naughty …

Roy: But nice!

[National Dairy Council. The slogan “Naughty … but nice” was written by Salman Rushdie and was used in a series of adverts starring actors and comedians such as Barbara Windsor and Larry Grayson]

Fry’s Chocolate Spread

We love to be fed
On cakes and bread
and chocolate spread by Fry’s!
Surprise, surprise,
It’s chocolate spread by Fry’s!!

Gale’s Honey

Music!Gale’s, Gale’s, Gale’s,
Pass the honey please.
Talk about the flowers,
Think about the bees.Music!

Gale’s Lemon Curd (1)

Gale’s lemon curd is the best for baking,
Gales lemon curd is the best there is!

Gale’s Lemon Curd (2)

[Sung by children]

Music!The BEST of the lemon curds is-Gales Lemon Curd!Music!

Golden Shred marmalade (1973)

… Golden Shred. That’s what I said!

Gray Dunn caramel wafers (1): 1955

Caramel Wafers by Gray Dunn
A crunchy treat for everyone,
Luscious, dreamy, simply heaven,
Twelve for only one and seven!

Gray Dunn caramel wafers (2): 1950s

What makes a nice cuppa nicer?
What makes a cuppa complete?
Gray Dunn caramel wafers
Make a cuppa go down a treat!

Hartley's New Jam (c.1965)

Tastes even better than home-made.

Heinz Toast Toppers: 1970s

Quite possibly the easiest snack in the whole world.

Homepride Bread: 1971

New Homepride Bread. Baked later to taste fresher.

Hovis bread (1): 1956

For goodness’, goodness’, goodness’ sake,
Don’t say brown, say Hovis!

Hovis bread (2): 1968

Hovis is the golden-hearted taste of the wheat.

Hovis bread (3)

With actor Gordon Rollings and a young lady on a tandem struggling up a hill

Jack and Jill
Went up the hill
Intent to reach the peak.
Before the top,
They had to stop,
Their legs had gone all weak.

This sign they saw,         [Hovis sign shown here in advert]
Above a door,
And went inside to eat.
Each Hovis slice,
So good and nice,
Just set them up a treat.

They forge ahead
On Hovis bread,
All hills they quickly climb,
With never a frown
They don’t say brown,
But Hovis every time.

Hovis bread (4): 1970s

Is there ’owt we can do to improve our ’ovis?

Hovis bread (5): c.1970

Make Hovis your daily bread.

Hovis bread (6): 1973

(A young lad pushes a bike laden with loaves of bread up the steep cobbled street of a northern town)

Last stop on round would be old ma Peggotty’s place — ’twas like taking bread to the top of the world! ’Twas a grand ride back though …. and afterward, I knew baker would ’ave kettle on and doorsteps of hot Hovis ready.

“There’s wholemeal in Hovis,” he’d say — “get it inside yer lad, does yer
good that — and one day you’ll go up that hill as fast as yer come down!”

Hovis — it’s as good today as it’s always been.

[To the tune of Dvorak’s “New World” Symphony arranged for brass band. This classic TV commercial (which was actually filmed at Gold Hill, Shaftesbury, Dorset!) was voted the favourite advertisement of all time in a 2006 UK poll, by which time the young actor, Carl Barlow, was a north London fireman. It had a celebratory re-run in May 2006 with the addition of the words “Celebrating 120 years of Hovis goodness”.]

Huntley and Palmers (1)

The first name you think of in biscuits.

Huntley and Palmers (2)

Music!… ’Cos Huntley and Palmers make ’em
Like biscuits ought to be.Music!

Jacobs Cream Crackers: 1972

Keep them by the bread bin!

Jacob’s Marshmallow Tea Cakes: 1970s

Every one’s a fluffy one!

Kellogg’s Skanda Krisp

Last year I told you about Kellogg’s Skanda Krisp from Finland,
and very much it seems you like them! Skanda Krisp is slim and dark,
spreads easily, and has only 90 calories per slice!
Kellogg’s Skanda Krisp — very much we hoped you’d like them!
Very much it seems you do!

Kerrygold butter (1)

Sung in an Irish accent

Music!Now Kerrygold Butter it hasn’t a better
It makes the mouth water the sound of its name,
It’s pure Irish cream, two full pints in each pound of it.
Light and inviting there’s nothing the same.

For cheese it’s the choice and for Rolls it’s the Royce
And atop a fine trout sure it looks like a dream,
There’s no finer taste than the Kerrygold Butter,
The Kerrygold Butter that’s so full of cream.Music!

Kerrygold butter (2)

Please don’t cook with Kerrygold.

Kraft Velveteen

Spreads like butter.

Kunzle Cakes chocolate assortment: 1957

Insist on Kunzle quality.

Lurpak butter: 1981

Music!’Cos she’s a mum, she’ll do the sum, and out will come —
with Danish Lur-r-pak.Music!

Isn’t it worth that little extra?

Music!The finest butter in the wor-r-ldMusic!

McVitie’s Chocolate Homewheat: 1983

Music!McVitie’s make biscuits like they ought to be
And Chocolate Homewheat’s a treat!
Wherever you hide them
They’ll always find them,
A home’s not home without Homewheat.
Nobody bakes them like McVitie’s do,
Nobody makes them like you-ou!Music!

McVities Digestive biscuits: early 1970s

McVities Digestives —
Wholesome English wheatmeal, Trinidad sugar, and McVities special care.

McVities Gingernuts

Music!I’m a Jamaican ginger grower and I very proudly say,
I grow the finest ginger in the world today.
I picks the best and packs it and McVities comes to buy it,
Then they bake it into gingernuts you really ought to try it.
You snap into a McVities gingernut — you tastes it too
Jamaican ginger — the world’s best — is waiting for you.Music!

The grower (Norman Beaton)I knows it … I grows it! you don’t think your ma would give you anything but the best.

Music!McVities bake a better biscuit!Music!

The grower: Ask your Ma.

McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes (1): early 1970s

Featuring Victor Spinetti as “The Mad Jaffa Cake Eater”, a turbaned character who rode a bicycle and stole and ate other people’s Jaffa Cakes

There’s orangey!

McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes (2): 1970s

Featuring the Jaffa Cake Man, whose hat was an oversized Jaffa Cake

Music!Oh Jaffa Cakes Oh Jaffa Cakes,
Gimme gimme gimme those Jaffa Cakes.
They're chocolate,
They're spongy,
Smashing middle bit so orangey
(Repeat to fade)Music!

McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes (3): 1983

Munchkins — argh! They’re after that special McVitie’s recipe for Jaffa Cakes. I’ll show them! It’s McVitie’s secret combination of light sponge, smooth plain chocolate and the real Jaffa orangey bit that just bowls them over. I won’t let anyone steal the secret of McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes.

McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes (4): 1983

Munchkins: they’re always hanging around for McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes. They’re driven round the twist by the light sponge, dark chocolate, and smashing Jaffa orangey bit. But I know how to bring them down to earth.

[Sends in clockwork bird that makes them fall off their stilts.]

I won’t let the Munchkins munch your McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes.

McVities Rich Tea biscuits: 1985

Music!McVitie’s bake biscuits like they ought to be
Like McVitie’s Rich Te-a
Tea and coffee needs some!Music!

A drink’s too wet without them!

Music!They’re the very best that they can be!
Nobody bakes ’em like McVitie’s do,
Nobody makes ’em like you,
Nobody makes ’em like you.Music!

Magic margarine

Try a little bread and Magic!


Marmite: 1970s

The growing-up spread you never grow out of.

My Mate Marmite.

Mother’s Pride bread (1): 1950s

Baker: Music!For bread with freshness baked inside
There is no bread like Mother’s Pride,
Crumbs so smooth and crumbs so white,
With freshness baked inside.Music!

You want fresh bread?

Children: We want Mother’s Pride!

Mother’s Pride bread (2)

Mother’s Pride, just like mother used to bake it!

[with Hylda Baker]

Mother’s Pride bread (3): 1960s

Mums and Mother’s Pride
Go together like a boiled egg and soldiers!

Mother’s Pride bread (4): 1960s

I’m the Mother in Mother’s Pride, you know — they named it after me!

[with Thora Hird]

Mother’s Pride bread (5): 1969

With Dusty Springfield

Music!I’m a happy knocker-upper and I’m popular beside
’Cos I wake ’em with a cuppa … and tasty Mother’s Pride,
Then they’re up in a flash and a rush (it’s the bread)
And a dash and a push (it’s the bread)
With a flash and a dash and a rush and a push (I can say it’s the bread).
It’s the Mother’s Pride bread! It makes them love work!
They’re going berserk to get off to work!
It’s in the way I wake ’em by bringing to their side —
The bread (we freshly bake ’em!) …
Fantastic Mother’s Pride!Music!

Mother’s Pride bread (5): c.1970

Mother’s Pride. Because mother knows best.

Mr Kipling cakes

Mr Kipling does make exceedingly good cakes

Nimble (1): 1970

With girl suspended from hot-air balloon

Music!She flies like a bird in the sky,
She flies likes a bird and I wish that she was mine,
She flies like a bird, o me o my, I see her fly,
Now I know, I can't let Maggie go. Music!

Voiceover: Nimble — real bread, but lighter Make it part of your calorie-controlled diet.

[Tune: “I can’t let Maggie go” by Honeybus]

Nimble (2): 1974

Up, up and away!

Pillsbury Dough: 1973/4

Music!Say hello, say hello,
To Pillsbury dough,
So easy to use, (so easy to use),
Pillsbury dough! Music!

Procea bread: c.1955

Newsreel: “Bread makes history in Britain”
(followed by what had been taken out of the bread and what had been put in).
At the end children are shown leaving school, accompanied by the words:
“Hurry, there’s Procea for tea!”

Rich Highland Shorties: 1968/9

Rich Highland Shorties!

Voiceover: By Meredith and who? Drew!

Ritz Crackers: 1971

To the tune “Doing The Lambeth Walk”

End of jingle: Music!Who can resist a Ritz?Music!

Ritz Crackers

Nothing Fitz like a Ritz!

Robertson’s Jams (1): 1950s

Golly! They’re good!

Robertson’s Jam (2)

Look for the golly — the golly on the jar!

Robertson’s Jam (3): 1969

Have a Robertson's jamboree!

Ryvita (1): 1960s

One, two, three, four reasons why Julie Andrews likes Ryvita!

Ryvita (2): 1970s

Win the inch war with Ryvita!

Shippam’s fishpaste

Music!Shippams for tea, for tea.Music!

[Tune: “Blue Danube”]

Skippy: 1960s

It’s got a crunch in the biscuit and a munch in the middle.

Slimcea (1)

Music!Show them (show them) you’re a Slimcea girl,
Show them the slim life you’re living,
Look at the glances they’re giving,
Show them you’re a Slimcea girl.
It’s tasty bread all right —
Slimcea’s good and light,
Show them (show them) you’re a Slimcea girl! Music!

Slimcea (2)

Music!Show them (show them) you’re a Slimcea girl
You’re a slim girl in a new and exciting world!
Show them you’re a Slimcea girl!Music!

Snibs: 1971

Snibs. Munchy peanut biscuits with the “Goodness!” taste!

Soreen malt loaf (1): c.1960

Don’t forget the Soreen, Doreen!

Soreen malt loaf (2)

Soreen is goodness and wonderful flavour,
With lots of good things for the children to savour.

Stork Margarine (1): 1978

The Stork Challenge:
Can you tell Stork from butter?

Seven out of ten people can’t tell Stork from butter.

Stork Margarine (2)

With Bruce Forsyth

Tastes good enough to eat with nothing on!

Summer County Margarine (1)

As soon as a woman tastes it, a crown appeared on her head (to a fanfare):

Summer County makes you feel like a queen.

Summer County Margarine (2)

Showing cows in a field

Music!Summer CountyMusic! [repeated again and again to the music of the Merry Widow waltz]

Voiceover: [Uncertain: did it use the slogan “country-fresh flavour”?]

Sunblest bread (1): c.1958

Cartoon: Little boy slides down a sandwich singing:

Music!When it’s time to have a bite,
Have a sandwich,
Morning noon and night,
Have a sandwich!Music!

Sunblest bread (2)

Possibly dating from 1969 when there was a different wrapper each day saying “Happy Monday”, “Happy Friday”, “Happy Weekend” etc. Monday’s bread was blue; Tuesday orange; Wednesday purple; Thursday green; Friday red, and Saturday yellow.

Fresh every day the Sunblest way,
Fresh to the last slice.

Sunblest bread (3)

Six slices a day:
The well-balanced way.

Sunblest bread (4): 1970

Tune: Happy Birthday to You, with a group of children dressed up as bakers

Music!Happy Sunblest to you,
Fresh bread the week through,
??? Fresh bread that you buy it ???
It tastes so good too.

It’s Sunblest, its Sunblest, that tastes so good too.Music!

Sunblest Bread (5): c.1974

Music!Good morning, good morning,
Make the day a Sunblest day,
It's so full of goodness for you.
Yes, I’m the one who grows the wheat
For all those rolls and buns.
You’re sure to find the goodness
Of the sun in every one.
So take them, enjoy them
On your plate every day
The goodness of Sunblest for you!

Sun-Pat peanut butter (1): 1990

Our son Pat
Is a bit nifty with a bat,
He can run in a circle
As fast as a cat.
When he gets a little peckish
He takes off his hat.
With 93 per cent peanuts,
He likes a bit of this, he likes a bit of that
Sun-packed, fun-packed,
Our son Pat.

[Crash, smash]


Sun-Pat Peanut Butter (2): 1970s

Sun-Pat peanut butter! It’s peanutritious!

Sun-Pat Peanut Butter (3): 1980

Boy: Sun-Pat?

Girl: Yes!

Music!Give them all the real peanut goodness of Sun-Pat
See their smiling faces
Big as a Cheshire cat’s
Sun-Pat Peanut Butter for the whole brigade!Music!

Make Sun-Pat your daily spread!

Sun-Pat Peanut Butter (4): early 1980s

Yum Yum!

Sutherland’s Spread 1

Why catch a crab just to have a crab sandwich?
Have Sutherland’s Spread instead!

Sutherland’s Spread 2: c.1985

When life gets dull and boring,
Don’t let it get you down,
Get something fresh from Sutherland’s
And spread the word around
Take heart, get smart, get fresh, get Sutherland’s fresh spread!

Build a triple decker to brighten up your bread,
Slap it on a cracker and let the flavour spread,
Take heart, get smart, get fresh, g
Get Sutherland’s fresh spread!Music!

TUC Crackers: 1968

… bursts into flavour, on your tongue!


Music!Wake up in the mornin’ wanting some breakfast,
Which margarine do you put on your to-o-oast?
Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh Vitalite — that’s right!Music!

[Tune: “The Israelites”]

Vitbe: early 1970s

VitBe is good bread.

Wonderloaf (1): 1969

Tune: “When the saints go marching in”

Music!Wonderloaf is wonderfulMusic!

Cue young lad saying: So are you, Mum!

Wonderloaf (2)

Music!Nice one Cyril,
Nice one son,
Nice one Cyril,
Let’s have another one!Music!

Wonderloaf (3): 1960s

Ain’t life Wonderloaf!

Wonderloaf (4): mid-1960s

Music!When they make Wonderloaf
They make sure that Wonderloaf
Looks good, tastes good
And is always fresh,
Vans that deliver it
Make sure it’s fresh,
Shops that sell it
Make sure it’s fresh.Music!

If it’s fresher than Wonderloaf, it’s still in the oven!

Adverts wanted

Arctic rolls and other frozen cakes

Burton’s Jammie Dodgers

Cadbury’s chocolate rolls

Chivers jam and jelly

Frears biscuits

Lyle’s Golden Syrup

McVitie’s Milk and Honey biscuits

Peek Frean’s biscuits

Ritz crackers

Sutherland’s Spread

Tiptrees jam

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