Old TV

UK television adverts 1955–1990

House and Garden

Allied Carpets (1)

Music!We’re always nice and easy,
Nice and easy does it at Allied!Music!

(Based on Frank Sinatra’s song “Nice and Easy”)

Allied Carpets (2): 1970s

Music!Come inside Allied!Music!

Allied carpets (3): 1985

It’s Extra Discounts Week at Allied Carpets biggest sale! Already you can save 25% to 50% on room-size carpets, but how about this: for seven days only we’re offering extra discount of £5, £10 … and even £25 on a great choice of selected carpets! Just look for the extra discount at Allied’s biggest savings ever! It’s all part of Extra Discounts Week at Allied Carpets biggest sale! 

Music!Essentially Allied!Music!

Ariston: New Year’s Eve, 1985

Music!When you buy an Ariston
Its guarantee is five years long,
That’s nineteen ninety-one!

One million French think they’re très bon,
Half a million Germans can’t be wrong,
From Italia to Bri-ton,

Tune: Da-Da-Da by Trio

Axminster and Wilton carpets: 1970s

“Carpet’s eye view” of a pair of shoe soles walking along it, followed by this slogan:

Axminster and Wilton. Carpets with life woven into them.

Belling electric fires

The fire glows in a dark living room, with the background musicTonight you’re mine completely. A bulldog waddles in and sits down facing the fire, and the camera angle switches between the side back view and front on from the glow of the fire. Then a cat walks in and they kiss noses and sit down. Then a white mouse scampers in and kisses the cat on the nose, and they all sit together looking at the fire.

Bendix washing machine: early 1960s

If you can afford a washing machine, you can afford a Bendix!

Bendix Appliances

We’ll do the homework!

Berger paints (1)

Music!Who makes the paint that’s neat and sleek and gleaming on this Rover Car?

(Woman says “I don’t know”)

Who makes the paint for the Clifton Bridge
Or the ships that sail so far, so far away?
Berger — Who? — Be-e-erger
Ain’t it quaint:
Nobody wants to know your name
But everybody loves your paint!Music!

(Sung by Georgie Fame)

Berger paints (2)

It’s the paint the trade uses.

Black & Decker Workmate

Get him a Black & Decker for Christmas

BMK carpets: Late 1950s

Out in front! [Sheep mascot leading guardsmen]

Brentford Nylons (1): 1960s

All right? Stay bright!

[Alan Freeman]

Brentford Nylons (2): 1960s

Brentford Nylons — open Bank Holiday Monday … all right?

[Alan Freeman]

Bush television: c.1970

[Scene: old-style railway carriage of smart commuters]

Commuter 1: The wife and I got a new Bush at the weekend.

Commuter 2 pictures it, and with every comment a new picture of what he is imagining appears on the screen, starting with a topiary bush.
Wonderful colour!
The same topiary ball now has lots of brightly coloured flowers on it.
Fantastic design!
The next picture is of a topiary cockerel.

Commuter 1 (settling down in his seat): Ah, you can’t beat a Bush!

[Announcer makes reference to the product.]

Commuter 2: We’ve got a tree in our bathroom…

Cantors furniture: 1970s

Turn your house into a home!

Coal: 1988

Come home to a real fire.

Coalite: 1984

Music!More fuel, more glow, more fires to show from Coalite!
More —
More from Coalite
More —
More from Coalite
More fuel, more glow, more fires to show from Coalite!Music!

Buy Coalite — you get a lot more fire for your money!

Cyril Lord carpets

Music!This is luxury you can afford by Cyril Lord —
Squash it, and it just springs back,
Wash it, and the colour stays fast,,
Give it the treatment, the family treatment,
Enkalon is made to last for years and years and years and years….
This is luxury you can afford by Cyril Lord!Music!

Dulux Paint (1): 1963

(With old English sheepdog, Digby) [What were the words?]

Dulux Paint (2): 1972

Morecambe and Wise (you only saw their legs and heard their voices)

Music!Dulux is a home's best friendMusic!

Dulux paint (3): 1985

Music!May the gloss in Ross be a good gloss,
May the windowsills of Winchester shine,
May the doors of Wales
Dry hard as nails,
The loos of Looe be smooth and fine.

May Derby’s halls dry even,
Ceilings cover well
In Motherwell,
The walls of Birmingham
Wipe clean of pea and ham,
And the skirting boards of Fife
Have a long life.

So brush in hand
Decorate this land
With the best paint!Music!

Dulux — there’s no better paint.

Electrolux vacuum cleaner: 1960s

Nothing sucks
Like Electrolux!

ELS furniture stores(c.1980)

Music!ELS gives a bigger choice, yes,
Dum, de-dum dum, yes, yes.Music!

Esso Blue paraffin (1): 1958

Esso Blue dealer

Cartoon man wearing bowler hat in office answers the telephone four times

Male caller: Hello — Joe?
Dealer: No, I’m the Esso Blue dealer — you know, the people that deliver to your door.

Music!Boom-boom-boom-boom, Esso Blue! Music!

Another male caller: Hello — Joe?
Dealer: No, this is the Esso Blue dealer — the stuff that gives extra warmth.

Female caller: Joe, darling….
Dealer: no, it’s the Esso Blee Dooler — you know, it burns without smell.

Joe: Hello, is that the Esso Blue Dealer? This is Joe. Any calls for me?

Music!Boom-boom-boom-boom, Esso Blue! Music!

Esso Blue paraffin (2)

Music!They asked me how I knew
It was Esso Blue,
I of course replied
With lower grades one buys
Smoke gets in your eyes.Music!

Everest Double Glazing

You only fit double glazing once.
So fit the best — fit Everest.

(with Ted Moult, who dropped a feather to the ground in the highest pub in England, the Tan Hill Inn on the North Yorkshire/Durham border.)

Flatley Dryer: c.1960

Our mum’s got a Flatley!

Flymo: 1982

If you find mowing the lawn an uphill struggle — you don’t know Flymo!
All Flymo mowers glide effortlessly along, and make short work of long grass — even when it’s wet!
Easy to handle, this Flymo mower collects grass — packing the cuttings in tight so it holds more.
And this one, with its extra-light Kawasaki engine, will get you into and out of the tightest spots!
For a neat and tidy lawn….

Music! It’s easy when you know — Flymo!Music!

Formica (1): early 1960s

Jack Warner (Dixon of Dock Green): You know some people think Formica Decor … (phwoo) Formica Decorative Laminate is difficult to apply … in fact, it’s easier to apply than to say! Your Handyman shop has it, and they’ll cut it to size for you — then you glue it on and finish it off.

Just look at this (hands seen covering a damaged occasional table with Formica in one second flat!) — there, what a difference! And you can do lots of things around the house just as easily with Formica Decorative Laminate. And this is the sign to look for.


These days not everything that looks like Formica is really Formica.

Hadrian Paint

Music!Hadrian, Hadrian
The deep gloss paint!Music!

For a really professional finish, use Hadrian.

Hoover vacuum cleaner (1)

Music!All the dirt, all the grit, Hoover gets it, every bit:
Hoover beats as it sweeps as it cleans!Music!

Hoover vacuum cleaner (2): mid-1960s

Little boy to his mates: We’ve got a Hoover 65!

Hotpoint kettle

Wait! Watch it! Here comes the steam,
It’s the Hotpoint Hi-Speed kettle,
It’s the fastest boiling kettle you can buy
Now boils a pint of water, in under one minute

Hotpoint washing machine

Will not, will not, tangle clothes.

Kingfisher Contour (tiling on a roll)

If it looks as good as this,
It can only be Kingfisher Contour.

Music!Nothing looks quite the same as …
Kingfisher Contour!Music!

Kosset carpets (c.1970)

To the tune of “K – K – K – Katie”

Music!K K K Kosset [more]Music!

K-Tel gadgets

The Betty Ann Knitter — the ideal Christmas gift!

This knife is really dull! K-Tel Majestic Sharpener sharpens your knives this fast and easy way!

A new multi-purpose opener — easily adjusts to open all size jar tops!

Stop littering! Some of those empty bottles can be valuable! The K-Tel Bottle Cutter!

This is the K-Tel Hair Magician! By just combing it will trim and taper longer hair, cut and taper shorter hair … quickly and safely. You can now get the latest cuts in only minutes with K-Tel Hair Magician!

Do you find brushing clothes tiresome? Well Here’s your answer! The K-Tel brush cleans upholstery in the home and car quickly! To clean the brush simply brush backwards. Lasts for years!

Marley Homecare: mid-1970s

Oh, come to Marley Homecare, Number one in D – I – Y.


Homes for good living!

Mazda light bulbs: 1950s

A light-bulb (trying to get into the light socket) shatters

Voiceover: Clumsy!

Music! Mazda lamps stay brighter longer — always ask for Mazda! Music!

Mazda light bulbs (2)

(Two nightshift workers are taking their break. One of them is reading a book)

Worker 1: ’ey, ’ere … listen … listen to this!

Lord Clemston gazed upon Lucretia’s loveliness. Her milky white shoulders were ablaze in the moonlight. Lord Clemston wrapped his thickly muscled arms around her delicate waist and whispered in her ear … (the light bulb pops) … I can’t see!

Worker 2: Lord Clemston was blind?

Voice-over: It’s time you changed your bulbs to Mazda! Mazda longer-life bulbs last 33 per cent longer than ordinary bulbs!

Morphy Richards toaster: 1977

You wouldn’t buy a teapot with out a spout, so why buy a toaster without a plug?! Get yourself the only complete toaster — with a fitted safety plug and deeper, wider slot to take thick and thin bread. Morphy Richards — the one with the plug on!

Moulinex, c.1980)

Music!Moulinex makes things simple,
Moulinex makes things nice,
Moulinex makes things simple,
And that includes the price!Music!

Philips washing machine: 1985

The new Philips washing machine is so reliable that for a single payment of £10 Philips are offering a free lifetime parts guarantee!
Seems they’ve thought of just about everything!
The Philips washing machine — its future’s guaranteed!

Pilkington Glass: 1970s

Amazingly pays in your glazing!

Pink Paraffin

Man sits on floor confronting paraffin heater, and a voice answers his questions to a jingling little tune

I’ve got a cold house.
Why don’t you heat it?
My heater’s empty – I think.
Why don’t you fill it then?
I’m out of paraffin.
Here’s the answer then, ring for Pink.
Can I afford it?
Most economical! Only one penny, per hour.
Now can you tell me, who will deliver it?
Ring this number, right now:

[Deep over voice] Ring Hunter 1234 for your local Pink Stockist. [London area]

The dealer where you see this sign, see this sign, see this sign [elsewhere]

Polycell: c.1973

Music!Do it well with Polycell!Music!

Pye electrical goods: 1973

Music!Pye looks after the little things, To build you better things …
to build you better things …Music! (repeat to fade)

Qualcast lawn mower: 1978

Hover cutter commercial — Take 19. Action!

Actress: It’s so easy to mow the lawn with my Hover cutter.

Director: Fine, lovely …

House-owner: Excuse me! I hope you’re not leaving all those grass cuttings on my lawn (oh, no of course not!) they can encourage weeds you know!

Director: Fred! rake-up those lawn mowings before you leave would you?

Voice-over: As you’ve just seen, this lawn has been cut with one of those mowers that hover.

Fred: Well er — I’ll be off then.

House-owner: Oh, just a minute — I’ve got something for you …

Fred: Er … thank you.

House-owner: Just run over it with that will you?

Voice-over: Now Fred’s cutting it again with a Qualcast Concorde. As you can see the Concorde cuts lower than a hover, it’s tidier than a hover….

House-owner: Ah! that’s more like it!

Fred: Yeah! It’s a lot less bovver than an ’over.

Voice-over: The Qualcast Concorde — for a perfect lawn … It’s a lot less bother than a hover!

[This was an advertisement aimed against Flymo, but in the end Qualcast gave in and made its own hover mowers]

Queensway carpet and furniture warehouses: 1978/9

Hit by Hot Chocolate

Music!Everyone's a Winner!Music!

RCA Victor portable radio: 1955

See these two portable radios? Well, watch this. Let her go, Betty!

(Wife drops a new portable while husband drops an old one.)

Sorry friend, you old-style portables have to go.
But look at our new RCA Victor portable radio!
Came through without a chip!
RCA Victor’s non-breakable impact case means no chipping,
no cracking, no breaking. And hear that tone!
It’s RCA Victor’s great golden throat sound.
See the world’s only portable with the non-breakable impact case.
As low as £27–19s. at your RCA Victor dealers!

Ronseal varnish

It does exactly what it says on the tin.

Russell Hobbs automatic electric kettle

The Forgettle!

Silentnight beds (1)

Music!I believe in Miracoil!Music!

Silentnight beds (2)

Hippo mum (to her hippo children): Eat up your dinner if you want to go to bed early!

Snappies: 1974

Snappies – bags with bags of uses.

SodaStream: 1970

Music!An unexpected scene,
So get busy with the fizzy,
Big or small,
Get busy with the fizzy,
Short or tall,
You get a fizzy flavour with water from the tap,
Press the magic button,
And shake it like that.
Fix a little mixture
And add a little dash,
No trouble with the bubbles,
Splish a little splash.
It’s a fizzy stream,
So get busy with the fizzy.
SodaStream: that’s fizzy!Music!

SodaStream (2): late 1970s?

Music! For goodness sake,
I got the hippy hippy shake,
Yeah I got the shake,
I got the hippy hippy shake,
Ooh — the hippy hippy shake,
Ooh — the hippy hippy shake,
Ooh — the hippy hippy shake.Music!

SodaStream — get busy with the fizzy!

[Tune: The Hippy Hippy Shake by the Beatles: 1962]

Spear & Jackson tools, c.1970)

Spear and Jackson
The tools to trust

(strong rhythm music)
dede dede
dede dede

Spearwell tools

Voice over accompanying footage of DIY chap successfully completing various tasks:

Well done … Spearwell done."

Swan kettles (1): c.1970

(3½ min kettle boil)

Swan beats the clock!

Swan kettles (2): c.1970

Workmen, hinting at a cup of tea, asked the lady of the house:

Is that one of them fast-boiling Swan kettles, missus?

Tefal cookware: c.1973

Tefal for cookability!

Toshiba Hi-Fi: 1980s

’Ello, tosh, got a Toshiba?
’Ello, tosh, got a Toshiba?
Like your hi-fi system!
Like your hi-fi system!
It’s got a fair old bit of power!
It’s got a fair old bit of power!
We are talking quality!
We are talking quality!
Course, every Toshiba component is stronger to last longer —
Know what I mean?
Get your ears round that!
Get your ears round that!
’Ello, tosh, got a Toshiba?
’Ello, tosh, got a Toshiba?

[Parody of Alexei Sayle’s “ ’Ello, John, got a new motor?”]

Vono beds

Vono bedszzz … for a good night’s sleep.

Vymura wall coverings

As easy to hang as a painting.

Waterford crystal glassware

(1) Born in fire, blown by mouth and cut by hand with heart.

(2) Even when a piece of Waterford is dated, it’s timeless.

(3) Every piece is a work of art.

Westclox: 1955

Clocks back Westclox, Clocks back Westclox …

[repeated to the rhythm of a ticking clock at the end of British Summer Time]

WL MagiCan: Christmas 1984

A WL MagiCan opens any shape of can, removes the entire lid, then ejects it automatically!
The MagiCan from WL — the home of bright ideas!

(WL stood for William Leverne Ltd)

Zanussi: June 1980

Scene: A warehouse. A large wooden crate falls through the roof; the crate (labelled The Planet Zanussi) falls apart to reveal a fridge freezer.

Brian (in charge): Right, where’s this lot from then Colin?

Colin (the new boy): The Planet Zanussi!

Brian: Oh yes, aye, Zanussi freezers, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers….

Colin: … Brian!

Brian: … Ah — now take this fridge freezer — how often do you get craftsmanship like that then down here, eh?

Colin: Not very often!

Brian: And they’re all reliable, economical — look at this dishwasher — no flying saucers in there eh?

Colin: I don’t know how they do it!

Brian: Well you see Colin — it’s the appliance of science, isn’t it?

Colin: Oh! is that what it is?

Brian: Yes!

(Another appliance falls through the roof)

Brian: Right, take it away lads.

Distant unearthly voice-over: From Zanussi — the appliance of science!

Adverts wanted

Bex Bissell carpet sweeper

Brentford Nylons (with Alan Freeman)

Breville sandwich toaster

Brolac paint

Continental quilts

Crown wallpaper and paint


Fison’s fertilizer/weed-killer



Hotpoint twin tubs

Hoover Keymatic washing machine

Kenwood food mixers and blenders

Kossett carpets (with white cat)

Microwave ovens

Ronco gadgets

Rowenta irons

Rufflette tape

Sanderson’s curtains and matching wallpaper

Swish curtain track


Television sets

Walpamur paint

Fibreglass curtains.

And was it Tintawn carpets that could withstand a rhino, and what was the slogan?

The following appliances were advertised in magazines.
Were there also television advertisements?

AEG Lavalux, 1960

Creda Zeromatic 65, 1962

Creda Carefree, 1963

Easiclene twin-tub, 1961

HMV vacuum cleaner, 1962

Hoover Keymatic (brochure), 1966

Hotpoint Countess, 1960

Kenwood Dishmaster, 1961

Kenwood dishwasher, 1965

Kenwood Chef, 1965

Moulinex, 1960

Parnall Vibra-Beat, 1960

Prestcold Packaway, 1961

Rolls Starmatic, 1961

Rolls-Colston dishwasher, 1962

Rolls twin-tubs (brochure), 1962

Colston Turbo-Jet, 1969

Colston Commodore, 1973

Colston Jetstream, 1974

Twin V twin-tub, 1960

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