Old TV

UK television adverts 1955–1990

Clothes, shoes, jewellery & watches

Accurist watches

With John Cleese

Why did they call it Accurist? It could have been Accur-ankle or accur-anything really.

Ballito nylons: 1955

B — A double-L — I — T — O
Ballito — heavenly nylons.

Bear Brand tights: 1970

Bear Brand. Because you never know who's watching.

Berlei “gay slant” step-ins (1): 1960s

Action! Secret, slimming action by Berlei!
Figure moulding … freedom loving … action that lasts for wash after wash!
Every Berlei “gay slant” step-in has this secret slimming action!
Slender, supple …action that lasts for wash after wash!
Designed for action!
“Gay slant” step-ins … by Berlei.

Berlei “gay slant” step-ins (2): 1968

Step-ins by Berlei look almost too light to give such slimness. Those fragile-looking, folded-back front panels do more for your figure than any other step-in you’ve ever worn.

Brentford Nylons (1): early to mid-1970s

Alan Freeman holding a Brentford Nylons shirt and giving the thumbs up.

Brentford Nylons (2): early to mid-1970s

… where your pound is still worth a pound!

Brutus jeans: 1975/6

Music!When I wake up in the mornin’ light
And I put on my jeans and I feel all right,
I pull Brutus jeans on,
I pull my Brutus jeans on …Music!

(repeat last pair of lines twice)

[This commercial written by David Dundas spawned the song: “Jeans On”, which became a No. 1 UK hit in 1976]

Bulova watches: 1974

The mainspring in a Bulova is made to last 256 years or 146 leather straps — whichever comes first.

Burton the Tailors (1)

Music!Burton on the button,
Burton on the button,
Burton on the button for clothes!Music!

Burton the Tailors (2)

Once upon a time there was a guy called Jim,
He was A-OK but his clothes were dim!
Then he went to Burton’s and he said, “That’s nice!”
The clothes looked great, and he liked the price!
You get bags more buzz at Burton’s!

Burton the Tailors (3): c.1965

Most people prefer the suit made by Burton.

Byford’s socks

Byfords make the best socks,
The best socks,
The best socks,
Byfords make the best socks,
The best socks you can buy!

(Tune: Charlie is me darling)

Calvin Klein jeans: 1970s

Young Brooke Shields: You know what comes between me and my Calvin’s? Nothing!

Clarks Shoes (1): c.1968

Put your children's feet in Clark's hands.

Clarks Shoes (2)

Mummy says that when I grow up
I’m going to be a proper little madam.

Clarks Shoes (3): 1971

Music!Clarks gives them hap-hap-happy feet!Music!

Corfam Shoes: 1969

“Shoes by Corfam” reworked the chorus from the Buddy Holly song “It’s So Easy”

Dr Scholl’s sandals: 1974

For the comfortable life.

Double Two shirts: 1950s

Double Two —
The shirt for you,
The shirt for you,
And you and you and you.
There’s twice the life in a Double Two.
The beautifully cut collar has a replacement you can fit in five minutes.
The shirt for you is Double Two,
The collar attached shirt with the free spare collar —
Double Two, Double Two, Double Two!

Falmer’s jeans

Get them on!

Finn Shoes: c.1960

Finn shoes, the fine shoes that kiddies love to wear,
Finn shoes, the fine shoes that never need repair.

Foster Grant sunglasses

Who’s that behind those Foster Grants?

Gluv shoes: early 1960s

These shoes are Gluv — man-made shoes in Corfam.
Look! Egg, ketchup — even oil!
No problem!
Simply wash them … clean as new!
Gluv — man-made shoes in Corfam.

Gola Sportswear: c1975

Play to win … with Gola"

Hush Puppies (1): 1960s

City gent: I certainly do wear them — they look just right with the clothes I wear! I’ve worn ordinary suede shoes for years — now I wear Hush Puppies. What a difference!

Housewife: Hush Puppies? I think they’re marvellous! I mean, with a hungry family I’ve a lot of shopping to do and my poor feet need more comfortable shoes. So easy to clean too!

Postman: Seventeen miles a day I walk! Seventeen perishing miles! It was murder before they invented Hush Puppies! Hush Puppies are so light and comfortable — they even seem to make the pavement softer!

Beauty Queen: Oh yes, I’ve got a pair of Hush Puppies — they’re lovely! Never make your feet ache … just like walking on … pink! (Giggle). I sometimes just don’t want to take them off!

Voiceover: Everybody’s in Hush Puppies nowadays! They’re so light and comfortable!

Hush Puppies (2)

Put them on your feet
And give your toes a treat!

Hush Puppies (3): 1982

Music!Take a walk down any street,
Take a look at them crazy feet,
Everybody — stepping out
With the style that’ll knock you out —
Walking the dog — just a walking the dog
Everybody’s doing it —
Everybody’s walking the dog.Music!

[Tune: Rufus Thomas’s 1960s’ “Walking the Dog”]

Jockey underwear: 1971

What the well-dressed man is wearing this year.

K Skips shoes: 1969

Young girl walking through a forest glade then suddenly floats on air

You don't have to walk on air in K Skips -- it just feels like it.

Music!K Skips are lighter … lighter … light … light.Music!

Levi’s jeans: 1970s

Tutti Frutti, o rutti
Tutti Frutti, o rutti
Tutti Frutti, o rutti
Tutti Frutti, o rutti
Tutti Frutti, o rutti

I got a gal, named Sue,
She knows just what to do,
I got a gal named Sue
She knows just what to do,
She rocks to the east,
She rocks to the west,
But she’s the gal
That I love best

Tutti Frutti, o rutti
Tutti Frutti, o rutti
Tutti Frutti, o rutti
Tutti Frutti, o rutti
Tutti Frutti, o rutti

I got a gal, named Daisy,
She almost drives me crazy,
Tutti Frutti, o rutti

[Tune: Tutti Frutti by Little Richard, 1955]

Levi 501 Jeans: 1985

(Nick Kamen takes off his Levis in the launderette — to Marvin Gaye’s “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”)

Music!Oo-oo, I bet you’re wondering how I knew
’Bout your plans to make me blue
With some other guy you knew before…
Between the two of us guys
You know I love you more.
It took me by surprise I must say,
When I found out yesterday….
Don’t you know that:
I heard it through the grapevine
Not much longer would ….Music!

501 — the original shrink-to-fit jeans.
501 — now available in stonewashed.

Maidenform bras

(1) I dreamed I had the world on a string.

(2) I dreamed I barged down the Nile in my Maidenform bra.

(3) I dreamed I stopped traffic in my Maidenform bra.

(4) I dreamed I went shopping in my Maidenform bra.

Nike trainers: 1983

McEnroe swears by them!

Playtex Body Language bra: early 1960s

If your bust looks like this—
And you’d like a bust that looks like this—
We’d like to show you something:
The new Body Language bra,
A bra that curves, shapes, enhances beautifully.
If you have a bust like this—
And you’d really like to look like this—
Try the new Body Language bra from Playtex,
Because the bust you always wanted is probably your own.

Playtex Cross-your-heart bra

Does your bra do everything it could for your figure? If not, try the Playtex cross-your-heart bra.
This tape measure shows how every cross-your-heart bra crosses over, lifts and separates —
to give you a better, younger looking figure.
So if your bra doesn’t do all it could for your figure, buy the famous Cross-Your-Heart bra from Playtex, and cross over to a better figure.

18-hour girdle

Playtex Girdle (1)

You’ll look five pounds thinner in a Playtex girdle.

Made from Spanette.

Playtex Girdle (2): 1960s

Holds you in like firm young muscles.

Playtex Girdle (3): 1967

“My girdle is killing me.”

Voice-over: She needs the new 18-hour girdle by Playtex. It’s made from a remarkable new fabric Playtex just invented. A delicate weaving with the strength to hold you firm all day. The first firm control girdle that’s comfortable for hours. The new 18 hour girdle — by Playtex.

Playtex Living Bra: c.1960

You will walk in beauty all day through,
You’ll look lovely in the evening too
– Playtex Living Bra.

Rado watches

Untouched by time.

Rael Brook shirts

Music!Raelbrook Toplin, the shirt you don’t iron [sung low]
Raelbrook Toplin, the shirt you don’t iron [sung high]
Raelbrook Toplin, the shirt you don’t iron [sung higher] Music!
Rael Brook — the shirts for men.

[Shirts dancing off the washing line]

Rael Brook shirts (2)

Music!Rael Brook, Rael Brook the London look,
(low) Rael Brook, Rael Brook the London look,
(higher) Rael Brook, Rael Brook the London look,
(higher) Rael Brook shirts with the Lo-on-don look!Music!

Sarongster girdle: 1950s

Title: Sarongster at the Palladium

Palladium girls prove Sarongster girdles with cross-over panels let you move —keep you smooth!
No matter how active you are, Sarongster’s cross-over panels let you move — keep you smooth!

Silhouette Little Xtra Corselet: early 1960s

The new Little Xtra Corselet by Silhouette!
Thicker moulding “keep-shape” cups give you a permanently lovely line!
Unique X-panels emphasise the waist … flatten the tummy!
The down-stretch panels slims you at the back!
The new elastic net with 100 denier Bri-nylon!
The Little Xtra Corselet with “keep-shape” cups …
By Silhouette!

[Price shown was 79/6d]

Silhouette panty girdle

Where’s my girdle? Oh, I’ve got it on!

Speedo swimwear

The choice of champions.

Spirella girdles and bras: Late 1950s

You’ll like the way you feel —
they’ll like the way you look —
in your Spirella.


Children’s shoes have far to go.

Terylene: 1960s

Terylene — the cut, the fit, the finish, the quality, feel right on any man.
Styles, colours, and patterns to suit just you!
Shirts in so many colours and designs, fashioned for today …in Terylene!
It’s carefree and elegant … blazers, trousers, and suits.
The top choice of today’s man … naturally!
Terylene — from ICI.

Timex watches (1): 1964

Music!Ring the bells with Christmas Timex,
Tick-a-tick-a-Timex, tra-la-la.Music!

[Tune: “Deck the hall with boughs of holly”]

Timex watches (2)

It takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

Timex watches (3)

Waterproof … shockproof … Time is ticking.

Series of advertisements: in one they strapped a Timex watch to an ice-skater’s leg, to Olympic runners’ and Derby-winning horse’s legs to prove the “shockproof” claims. The “waterproof” claim was actually written on the watch faces, and the adverts showed a watch in a glass of water hung over the side of a speed boat and one strapped to the propellor of an Evinrude Outboard Motor and then flung around a lake to check that it was still ticking.

Timex watches (4): 1970s

From the edge of time!
From the depths of the earth!
Timex takes quartz to make a watch for a new age!
The new Timex Quartz!
A watch so accurate — you may not have to set it again this year!
Thin, sleek, and more beautiful than any watch you could ever imagine!
The new Timex — the new Timex Quartz!

Tommy Balls shoes

Come one, come all
To Tommy Balls!

[local TV only]

Triumph: 1977

Triumph has the bra for the way you are.

Wonderbra (1): 1969

Music!Wonderful Wonderbra!
To be free and alive
Everywhere that you go,
Is to wear what you dare anywhere
And you travel with flair.
You care about the shape you’re in,
So does he, so does he,
Wonderful Wonderbra!Music!

Wonderbra (2): 1977

When I look good, I feel good,
And when I feel good, I look great!

Wrangler Jeans (1)

Liberty, equality, freedom and choice…and Wrangler Jeans!

Wrangler Jeans (2): 1976

Wranglers. The very best. Because Mr. Wrangler says so.

Wrangler Jeans (2): 1981

Music!Five pairs of Wrangler jeans bursting out the door,
One pair left his bike in bits, then there was four.
Four pairs of Wrangler jeans with a flat old battery,
One pair pushed a bit too ’ard (whoops), then there was three.
Three pairs of Wrangler jeans standing in a queue,
One pair knew the manager (eh-h!), then there was two.
Two pairs of Wrangler jeans about to ’ave some fun,
Big Brother says “Out of order!”, then there was one.
Now the moral of this story is: if they desert you in the end,
As long as you wear Wranglers, you’ve got a real two-legged friend.Music!

’Ere … I thought she went ’ome!

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Horrockses cottons

Hush Puppies (with Basset hound)


Laura Ashley

Little X corset


Pretty Polly stockings

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