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UK television adverts 1955–1990

Drinks (soft)

Bird’s Eye Florida Orange Juice: 1969

Pour yourself a double before breakfast.
Sip it slowly.
Remember it’s concentrated 100% pure orange juice —
freshly squeezed and frozen.
Bird’s Eye Florida Orange Juice —
For the serious orange juice drinker!

Bitter Sweet (1970s)

It's not too bitter, it's not too sweet,
I it's got fruit's natural sugar, it's Bittersweet!
Oh it's so fruity, it's such a treat,
And it won't spoil your figure, it's Bittersweet!

Britvic Juices: c.1960

Cartoon man bouncing on his nose is interviewed during his marathon:

Interviewer: Mr Claude Thrush is nose-bouncing from York to Truro.

Claud Thrush chants: Britvic Juices are juicedly good!

Britvic 55: 1960s

55% pure orange juice — 100% sparkle!

Canada Dry (1)

Emigrate to Canada Dry — for the sake of your Scotch!

Canada Dry (2)

Music!Something smoother happens with Canada dry,
Along with your whisky it's the one ginger ale that you’ve gotta try,
So just ask your barman for whiskey and Canada Dry,
(In the cool green bottle).
Something smoother happens, something smoother happens
Something smother happens with Canada Dry.Music!

Club Orange: 1982

Music!Finding my place
And a drink in my space
Double light to the very last bubble,
Club’ll be there anywhere I go,
The big O (big O, big O, big O),
Coming through with the taste,
Gonna peel me some more,
It’s the big O flow — Club Orange,
It’s the big O flow — Club Orange,
Yeah, it’s the big O flow — Club Orange….Music!

Club Tonic Water (1): c.1972

Club … the one they’re trying to shush up!

Club Tonic Water (2): c.1973

Club … the one that’s got life in it!

Coca Cola/Coke (1)

Feel really refreshed
Work and play at your best,
It’s the refreshingest,
Pause for a Coke, ice cold, Coca Cola,
Pause for a Coke!

Coca Cola/Coke (2): 1963

Things go better with Coca Cola,
Things go better with Coke!

Coca Cola/Coke (3)

Music!Birds and bees and all the flowers and trees,
Fishes on the line,
Girls and guys and yellow butterflies
Saying “Hallo summertime”.
Ice cold Coke on the back of my throat
Saying “Hallo summertime”
Hey summertime, hey summertime,
Like …………………. and you and me and summertime.Music!

Coca Cola/Coke (4): 1971

Music!I’d like to buy the world a home
And furnish it with love,
Grow apple trees and honey bees,
And snow-white turtle doves.
I’d like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony,
I’d like to buy the world a Coke
And keep it company.

(I’d like to teach the world to sing
in perfect harmony,
I’d like to buy the world a Coke
and keep it company.) Music!

It’s the real thing! Coke is what the world wants today.

[New Seekers]

Coca Cola/Coke (5): 1970

Music!Gimme dat, gimme dat,
Gimme, gimme, gimme dat,
Gimme dat ring, gimme dat,
Gimme, gimme dat, gimme dat ring
Gimme dat, gimme, gimme dat,
Gimme, gimme, gimme dat ring!Music!

Now Coca-Cola comes in easy open cans!

[The new “ring-pull” cans were launched in the UK using the specially written lyrics of “Gimme Dat Ring” which was actually “Gimme Dat Ding” by The Pipkins featuring Tony Burrows]

Coca Cola/Coke (6): 1982

OK kids take it away….

Music!Coke is it!
The most refreshing way
To make the most of every day
And wherever you go, whatever you do
There’s something big waiting — for me and you,
Coke is it!
The sweetest taste you’ve ever found,
Coke is it!
The one that never lets you down,
Coke is it!
The most refreshing taste around
Co-ke is it! Coke is it!Music!

Coca Cola (7): Diet Coke: 1984

The world is changing, the time is right —
Introducing Diet Coca Cola!

Music! The time is right … for Diet Coke,
For looking good and living good,
It’s Diet Coca Cola!
Real Cola tastes so good you’ll feel refreshed,
One calorie to look your best,
For you and me the time is right for Diet Coca Cola!Music!

Corona: c.1960

Music!Corona — sparkles up with joy,
Corona — for every girl and boy.
Come drink it up to the very last drop,
It’s got a sparkle in the middle
And a tingle at the top!Music!

Corona lemonade: 1976

Let’s get fizzical!

Fizzical trainer: C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, move, move, move.
These aren’t just any old bubbles getting into this bottle of Corona
No sir! are they fizzy! Every one has passed the Corona fizzical
Mmm — nice!
Boy it’s really tough back there!

Voice-over: Corona — every bubble’s passed its fizzical.

Fizzical trainer: Ah, that’s it boys — let’s see you fizz, fizz, fizz!

Corona soft drinks: 1973

Corona.  It's very fizzy.

Cremola Foam

First child (little boy): Lemon’s my flavour!
Second child: ??
Third child (little girl with a rather posh accent): I’d rather have a raspberry!

Cremola foam fizzes and foams, foams and fizzes….

Cresta 1: 1974

(A bear is talking to farm animals)

Bear: Do you know what all the bears up at the North Pole drink when they’re thirsty? It’s the sea man — the Arctic Ocean!
Now me, I’m really into this frothy Cresta — like this strawberry flavour.

(Cows moo and chickens cluck etc.)

The day they start making the Arctic Ocean in strawberry is the only day this young bear’s going to drink it!

Voice-over: Cresta in five fruity flavours.

Bear: It’s frothy man!

Cresta 2

Music!Baby I will be,
Your ever loving man,
Give me the drink, I really like,
A bottle or a can (hen clucks!).
It’s frothy man!

I don’t wanna drink no ocean,
cos man thats really rough,
But when it comes to Cresta,
Here’s one bear that just can’t, get enough!
It’s frothy man!Music!

Crusha (1): c.1960

I want some Crusha, a little Crusha
It’s tough enough to make milk shake!

Crusha (2): c.1960

Rhythmically in quadruple time, with paused beats and syncopation as indicated

 |Adda dasha Crusha – | – Fruit syrup – |


(Middle aged people enjoying themselves in a swimming pool)

Music!Wouldn’t it be nice (ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba)Music!

Drink Evian, live young!

(Tune: Wouldn’t it be nice (if we were older etc.) by the Beach Boys)

Fanta (1)

Welcome to the world.

Fanta (2): 1973

Music!Fanta’s got big orange fizzazz!Music!

Hunt’s Tonic Water: 1966–c.1970

Call for Hunt’s!

Idris lemonade

I drink Idris when I’s dri,
Idris is the drink to buy,
I drink Idris, I drink Idris,
Idris when I’s dri.

Irn Bru (1): 1960s?

(Mother is seated at the piano, husband and children sing along)

Mother: Ready everybody?

Music!Everybody in the world loves Irn Bru
(I do, I do — me too!)
Everybody in the world loves Irn Bru
(He does, she does — me does!)

Mother: And I ’specially love Irn Bru —
Even though I used to be a man —
Even though I used to be man!Music!

(Mother is then shown whistling while shaving)

Irn Bru (2): 1984

Music!We’re walking in the air,
I’m sipping on an Irn-Bru,
My chilly snowman mate
Says he would like some too.

I tell him: get your own,
He looks like he is going to cry,
I tell him once again …
The Irn-Bru is mine.

Now I’m falling through the air,
I wonder where I’m going to land,
He nicked my Irn-Bru,
And let go of my hand.Music!


[Tune: We’re Walking in the Air — from the animation film, The Snowman]

Irn Bru (3)

Think different, drink different.

Irn Bru (4)

[Irn Bru was called Iron Bru until c.1950, and is still pronounced that way]

Wouldn’t you know it, it’s one of those ads,
Lots of kids with white teeth and giant shoulder pads,
It’s not a drink by those crazy Yanks,
It’s made right here, you know it’s tougher than tanks,
Made in Scotland from girders,
Unpronounceable too,
Made in Scotland from girders,
Barr’s Irn Bru.

Jubbly orange drink: 1950s/1960s

Lovely Jubbly!

Kia-Ora (1)

Don’t forget the Kia-Ora!

Kia-Ora (2)

[Cartoon]: “It’s too orangey for crows, It’s just for me and my dog.”

Crow: “I’ll be your dog!” [starts barking]

“We all adora Kia-Ora!”


The totally tropical taste.


One-Cal, my pal, let me be me,
Don’t have to worry about one calorie,
One-Cal, my pal, sure changed my fun,
The number one drink for number one.


Shake the bottle — wake the taste!

Pepsi (1): 1967

Come alive! You’re in the Pepsi Generation!

Pepsi (2): 1974

Er — excuse me I hope you don’t think I’m trying to pick you up or anything as a matter of fact normally I find it quite difficult to talk to girls but I bought you this Pepsi and came over to try to get to know you because well it’s — you look like the kind of girl I could talk to….

[The Girl replies in a foreign language — he hasn’t a clue what she is saying!]

Lipsmackin’thirstquenchin’acetastin’motivatin’goodbuzzin’ cooltalkin’highwalkin’fastlivin’evergivin’coolfizzin’ — Pepsi!

Pepsi (3): 1978

Well, they can supercharge our hot-rods, they can fuel-inject our motors,
But all I need’s an ice-box to cool my Pepsi Colas,
Well, a fistful of Pepsi makes the chicks miss a beat!
(Nice motor, fellas, wow Pepsi — that’s neat!)
So when you’re cruisin’ with your buddies and you wanna jump the queues …
Lipsmackin Pepsi cures the summertime blues
(Lipsmackin Pepsi cures the summertime blues).Music!

[Tune: Eddie Cochran’s “Summertime Blues”]

Pepsi (4): 1980s

A truck is hanging precariously on the edge of a cliff. The driver who has somehow escaped is on the phone:

Driver: Just call triple A, tell ’em I’m stuck somewhere between Santa Barbera and Mexico.

Young girl and boy who approach: Hey what happened?

Driver: I was just driving out past the diner, and flipped out and the truck kinda flipped out with me.

Young girl/boy: What you got in there anyway?”

Driver: 20,000 cans of cola.

Young girl/boy: Pepsi Cola?

Driver: Come to think of it, No.”

And with a shake of the head they watch the truck disappear over the edge of the cliff.

Pepsi (5)

Geek: Hey Eddie, how come you’re such a big hit with girls?

Music!Well you can tell by what I’m drinking that I’m really kinda smooth,
Oh yeah, Uh-huh-huh.
I take a Pepsi from the counter and I stroll up to the booth,
Oh yeah, Uh-huh-huh.
And when I get to where they’re sittin’
That’s my chance to treat those kittens
To a …Music!

Girls in booth:
Music!Cool Pepsi Cola
Lipsmackin’ Pepsi Cola.Music!

Pepsi (6)

Diet Pepsi:

You can do it, we can help.
One calorie, one calorie,
Diet Pepsi can help.

PLJ Lemon Juice: c.1970

PLJ cares so naturally for your beauty!

Quosh (1): c.1963

Music!Quosh for flavour — Quosh for fun,
the party drink for everyone.
Orange (orange) lemon (lemon) — bitter lemon too!
It’s the capital taste with the capital Q —
It’s Quosh!Music!

Quosh (2)


Hitters and knitters all agree: Quosh — that’s better!

Quosh (3)

He's Mr. Quorange,
Yes Quorange is my name.
He's Mr. Quorange.
And Quosh will be my fame!

I bring you lots of lovely Quosh
In a bottle that is new.
The flavour is the fruitiest,
It's Fruitissimo!

He's Mr. Quorange. Yes, Quorange is my name!

Quosh (4): 1970s

(An ape-like creature from another planet)

We cannot survive without the drink you call Quosh:
Any drink can quench the thirst
But only one can Quosh it.
Help us … if only for the sake of our children!

Ribena (1): 1950s

A black minstrel group on stage

Minstrel 1: Presenting: Ribena’s Black Currants!

Music!Ribena’s gold blackcurrant juice,
Ribena, Ribena!
Coughs and colds and even flus
Ribena keeps away!Music!

Minstrel 2: Just a moment: who was that lady I saw you with last night?
Minstrel 3: That was no lady, that was my currant girlfriend.

Voiceover: And there are hundreds of blackcurrants, wonderful rich source of Vitamin C, in every bottle of Ribena.

Music!For a natural source of Vitamin C,
Ribena every day!Music!

Minstrel 4: Ribena? Delicious!

Ribena (2)

The blackcurrant health drink.

Ribena (3): 1985

Music!I’m a one-horn, two-eyed, Sparkling Ribena drinker
(one-horn, two-eyed, Sparkling Ribena drinker)!Music!

New Sparkling Ribena!

Music! Sure tastes good to me!Music!

[Tune: Purple People Eater]

Robinade: late 1950s

Powdered drink with six flavours including orange, strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, and black cherry

Music! Six lovely flavours, Robinade, Robinade
Six lovely flavours, Robinade, Robinade.
Ever so easily mixed,
Ever so quickly made.
Six lovely flavours, Robinade, Robinade.Music!

Robinson’s Lemon Barley: 1970s

Ken Rosewall: If you’ve ever wondered where players sweat it out before their Centre Court match, it’s here — the Wimbledon waiting room. This is where you sit and feel the tension building up. Luckily, they think of everything at Wimbledon, and I always made a bee-line for this Robinson’s Lemon Barley … the refreshing glucose and barley drink … invented for Wimbledon over forty years ago. It really helps you keep your cool!

Voiceover: Robinson’s Lemon Barley — good and refreshing!

Robinsons Barley Water

(Wimbledon — Ladies’ Singles final)

Umpire: Advantage Miss O’Winnit. Quiet please!

Linesman: Net!

Umpire: First service!

(A tired ball boy goes off to the rest-room where he pours and gulps down a glass of Robinsons barley water. He pours similar drinks for the other ball boys and spots a tray to place them on. The tray is actually the sliver salver / Rosewater dish / Ladies’ Singles trophy!)

Umpire: Game, set and match …

(The ball boys rush to grab the Robinsons drinks, and an official takes the empty tray … the trophy)

Voiceover: Robinsons Barley Water — anything else just isn’t tennis!

Robinson’s Orange Barley Water

Robinson’s Orange Barley Water — it’s worth getting thirsty for (song).

Robinson’s Barley Water/Squash, c.1972

Boy: Iím thirsty!

Butler fluidly appearing before the boy’s eyes with bottle of barley water/squash and full glasses

Butler: I’m Robinson!

Rose’s Lime Juice cordial

A springtime illusion,
The bottle said Rose’s,
But you can’t have green roses
Or so one supposes.
So what were we drinking,
So cool and so bright,
That freshness, that greenness
Which dazzled our sight?
We debated at length
And agreed it was lime,
And as for the drinking
Of Rose’s – sublime!

R. White’s lemonade: 1973

I’m a secret lemonade drinker,
(R. White’s, R. White’s)
I’ve been trying to give it up,
But it’s been one of those nights
(R. White’s, R. White’s).
R. White’s lemon-a-a-ade,
R. White’s lemon-a-a-ade,
I’m a secret lemonade drinker,
(R. White’s!).

[Sung by Elvis Costello’s dad]

Schweppes (1): 1962

(A child is dreaming on Christmas Eve. Jingle bells jingle and a sleigh with reindeer appears)

Music!Dashing through the snow
On a one horse open sleigh
Through the fields we go….Music!

Child: It has to be, it can only be!

Santa: Schhh… You-Know-Who! Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!

Schweppes (2): 1963


[With “Top Secret” star William Franklyn as a secret agent]

Schweppes drinks: from 1973

With William Franklyn

Open a bottle of bitter lemon by “Schhh” … and you can taste the “weppes” !

Schweppes Tonic Water

Schweppervescence lasts the whole drink through!

7-UP (Seven-up) (1)

Now that’s refreshing.

7-UP (Seven-up) (2): 1982

(Featuring Pak-Man game)

Play to win. You never lose when 7-UP is the one you choose.

Music!It’s a natural kind of taste — nothing else comes near.
7UP cools your thirst — 7UP the difference is clear.
Does what only it can do — nothing else comes near.
It’s a clean refreshing taste — 7UP the difference is clear.
7UP cools you … 7UP suits you.
7UP — the difference is clear.Music!

Sprite (1)

Cool, crisp, clear: obey your thirst.

Sprite (2)

Music!The lime and lemon taste of Sprite
Joins our celebrations,
The taste of limon mix is right
On holiday occasions.
Sprite makes brighter holidays,
Limon is the reason,
Sprite goes well so many ways
To bring you cheer this sea-ea-son.Music!

[Tune: “Good King Wenceslas”, and advertised at Christmas]

Sunkis orange drink (early 1980s)

Drinking in the sun
Sunkist is the one!


Tab, Tab cola, as good as can be,
Tab, Tab cola, one calorie.

It’s only got one calorie.

Tizer (1): 1960s

Drink Tizer — The appetizer!

Tizer (2): 1960s

Tizer — The surpriser!

Tizer (3): 1970s

We can tell it’s Tizer when our eyes’re shut!

Tree Top

Music!There’s more fruity flavour in,
Fresh fruity flavour,
True fruity flavour in,
Tree Top!Music!

Tropicana (1): late 1970s

100% pure squeezed sunshine.

Tropicana (2)

If it tasted any fresher, it would still be on the tree!

Um Bongo

Way down deep in the middle of the Congo,
A hippo took an apricot, a guava and a mango
He stuck it with the others, and he danced a dainty tango.
The rhino said, “I know, we’ll call it Um Bongo.”
Um Bongo, Um Bongo, They drink it in the Congo.
The python picked the passion fruit, the marmoset the mandarin.
The parrot painted packets that the whole caboodle landed in.
So when it comes to sun and fun and goodness in the jungle,
They all prefer the sunny funny one they call Um Bongo!

Vimto: 1960s

It twinkles right up your nose!

Vimto: 1981

Vimto’s gonna get’cha in the end!

7-Up (1)

No matter what the time of day
7-Up your thirst away!

7-Up (2): 1980

Get up and go!

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