Old TV

UK television adverts 1955–1990

Shops and cafés

Asda (1): c.1980

That’s Asda Price!

Asda (2): 1981

Music!Life’s looking so much better — since we got it all together
Daily bread — there’s nothing fresher
When you’ve got it all together
Catch this — time for leisure
We’ve enjoyed it so much better since we got it all together
And with Asda price as good as ever
You’ve got it all together better!Music!

Barratt’s shoes

Walk the Barratt way.

Bejam, c.1980)

Father to children: Choc ice and chips? Don’t tell your mother!

B & Q

Don’t just do it,
B & Q it!

Berni Inn

You’re better off at a Berni.

Make it special.

Berni welcomes children.

We’re famous for our steaks.

Boots the Chemist: Christmas 1983

What a nice surprise!
So much to choose at every Boots,
You won’t believe your eyes.

Shopping can be lots of fun,
Just search and you’ll succeed,
Give them Boots gift vouchers —
They can choose just what they need.

Be ahead this Christmas
And find the gift that suits.
The special touch of Christmas —
With the special touch —
The special touch of Boo-oots!Music!

Burger King

Have it your way!

C&A (1): 1970s

Music!We’ve got the look you’re looking for,
We’ve got the look that suits you more,
We’ve got the look!
We’ve got the look for everyone,
We’ve got the style from morning ’til night,
We’ve got the quality that makes you feel right,
We’ve got the look at C&A,
We’ve got the look!Music!

C&A (2): 1977

See what we can do with a man at C&A!

Music!Come to C&A, see the things you are looking for,
Come to C&A and see surprises everywhere,
Open up your eyes, mirrors don’t tell lies
It’s a beautiful day, come to C&A.Music!

Come to C&A — such a surprising store.

Civic television shops: 1973

Starring Harry Worth. Tune: “Let’s All Do the Conga”

Music!Let’s all go to Civic,
Let’s all go to Civic,
Your friendly store,
We’ll give you more!Music!

Co-op (1): late 1950s

You can always get it at the Co-op.

Co-op (2)

We go further so you don’t have to.

Co-op (3)

Shop at the Co-op — it pays!

Co-op (4): 1970s

It’s all at the Co-op — now!


People who care.

David Greig: mid-1960s

You cannot beat David Greig for bacon!

Do It All: late 1970s

Two men from another do-it-yourself shop go around a Do It All shop singing;

Music!How do Do It All do it
What they do it for –
Will nobody tell?

If only we knew it
How Do It All do it,
You can bet
We’d be doing it as well!Music!

Fine Fare

Fair on your family — and your purse.

Harrods Store

(1) Everything London
(2) Harrods for everything
(3) Harrods serves the World
(4) Enter a different World
(5) Harrods sale on now … come early, stay late: 1970s
(6) There is only one Harrods … there is only one sale: 1980s

International Stores: c.1974

Nice people, with nice prices, International.

John Collier tailor

Music!John Collier, John Collier,
The window to watch.Music!

John Lewis

Never knowingly undersold.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (1): 1970s

Music!Kentucky Fried Chicken:
If you’re on the run
And you’re feeling kind of shook
When you’ve got chicken like this —
Why cook?
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Tastes finger-lickin’ good
So why cook?
When you’ve got chicken like this —
Why cook?
When you’ve got chicken like this —
Why cook?Music!

Visit the Colonel!

Kentucky Fried Chicken (2): 1973

Music!Pick a finger-lickin’ chicken,
Kentucky Fried Chicken,
Everybody’s favourite bird!Music!

Kentucky Fried Chicken (from 1975)

It ain’t just chicken!

Liberty: Christmas 1982

Liberty’s astonishing sale starts Monday 27th December.
More than a million bargains!
Liberty’s sale starts Monday in Regent Street!

Little Chef (1): 1970s

Music!Little Chef must be the place
To put a smile on the traveller's face,
With a friendly 'hello'
And what do you know
You've got value-for-money meals,
And with a wash and brush up,
You're right back on top.
Little Chef saves the day.Music!

Little Chef (2): 1980s

Music!I’d like eggs and bacon,
I'd like toast and jam,
I'd like prawns and salad,
’Cos we're all Little Chef fans.

Well I'd like chips and burgers,
I'd like cottage cheese,
I'd like a cherry pancake,
And make mine a special please.

We'd like shakes and ice cream,
We'd like tea and buns,
And that's what the Little Chef serves us,
’Cos Little Chef's much more fun.Music!

[Tune “Bread and Butter” by the Newbeats]

Littlewoods (credit shopping): early 1960s

The postman (played by Arthur Askey) knocks on a door

Housewife: Ooo! My new Littlewoods catalogue! (She grabs Arthur and kisses

Arthur: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! That’s what Littlewoods catalogue does to all the ladies … and no wonder! Look … hundreds of pages packed with everything you want … for you, your family, your home … all on small weekly payments!
This marvellous catalogue is absolutely free! Just fill in the Littlewoods coupon in the TV Times or the card that came through your door. Don’t forget playmates — post it today!
I thank you.

McDonalds (1): 1977

Music!There’s a difference at McDonald’s
It’s a difference you can taste
All the good things we make better
Make a special kind of place.
There’s a difference at McDonald’s
Which you’ll notice straight away
There’s a welcome to the family
If you stay or take away.
There’s a difference at McDonald’s you’ll enjo-o-y!Music!

McDonalds (2)

We love to see you smile!

Mace Supermarkets (1): 1969

It's top ten time at Mace again,
Save save save at Mace again!
[referring to their weekly “top ten bargains”]

Mace Supermarkets (2): 1970s

M-M-M-Mace, Mace, Mace,
It's all your neighbourhood needs,
Good shopping all the time.
M-M-M-Mace, Mace, Mace,
It's all your neighbourhood needs,
Own labels down the line.
There's money off things to eat,
Our savings are such a treat,
You won't believe your eyes.
M-M-M-Mace, Mace, Mace,
It's all your neighbourhood needs.

Maypole (grocery shops): 1950s

Maypole butter, Maypole tea,

Mothercare (early 1980s)

Go there when you’re big,
Go there when you’re small,
Go there when you’ve hardly been
Anywhere at all,
’Cos Mothercare goes up to ten.

Peter Robinson: 1960s

From five foot to six foot two,
Peter Robinson has a size for you.

Presto supermarkets: Christmas 1978

You’ll be impressed,
You’ll be impressed,
You’ll be impressed,
At Presto!
[The tune to “We wish you a merry Christmas” was played while Christmas food items were shown]

Rediffusion television dealers: c.1968

Rediffusion. The people who look after you. After.

Richards shops: 1970s

[A soft-focus blonde skipping about and on a bicycle wearing a pretty flowered dress]

Music!Richards Shops are filled with all the pretty things,
Soft and lovely pretty things to wear,
Hey there, pretty face,
Make the world a prettier place,
Come pretty up,
Come buy your clothes at Richards Shops.Music!

Voiceover: Richard Shops: make the world a prettier place tomorrow.

Rumbelows (1)

The appliances sang:

Music!Oh don’t pay any more Mrs Moore,
Mrs Moore, please don’t pay any more.
The goods are waiting here in rows and rows,
And the price is low when you’re at Rum-bel-ows.
So be careful with your dough
Take it straight to Rumbelows …
Don’t pay any more Mrs Moore.Music!

[Tune: An old Music Hall song: Don’t have any more Mrs Moore]


Rumbelows – we save you money – and [gruff voice] serve you right!

Samuel’s jewellers

A diamond is forever.

Selfridges (mid- to late 1970s)

There's no place like Selfridges.

Shepherds of Gateshead: 1960s

Music!Shepherds of Gateshead the biggest and the best store,
Shepherds of Gateshead have what you are looking for,
There’s so much to see,
And the car park is free,
Coming shopping at Shepherds with the whole family!Music!

Shoe shop (?which one): 1960s

Take a step forward.

Spar: 1980

Music!So big, so small, so friendly, so right,
So early in the morning right through ’til night
When you’re out come in ’cos we are …
So near so-o Spar!

Whatever you need, whenever you need it
There’s a Spar … not far!

If you need some sweets, a drink or a snack —
On your way to work, or on your way back,
When you’re out come in ’cos we are …
So near so-o Spar!Music!

Tesco (1)

The price is dropping on your weekly shopping!

Tesco (2): 1982

(A till is shown/heard registering the price of each displayed item)

Check it out!

Sunblest bread 28p —
Check it out!

Tesco toilet rolls pack of two 32p —
Check it out! Check it out!

PG Tips tea bags (80s pack) 67p —
Check it out!

Tesco pork sausages (8) 69p —
Check it out!

Heinz tomato ketchup 47p —
Check it out! Check it out!

Tesco butter 43 1/2p —
Check it out!

Evaporated milk (large can) 29p —
Check it out —
the low prices and … … that makes Tesco even better value!

Check it out!

VG grocery shops (1)

Music!Enjoy your shopping at the VG sign
Shop at the VG sign! Music!

VG grocery shops (2): 1972

VG stores … conveniently yours.

Wallis supermarkets: 1973

Music!Come shopping the Wallis way, We've got time for you.Music!

W. H. Smith: 1971

W. H. Smith for books … and a great deal more!

Williams Furniture store

As you walk through the door
Your pound’s worth more.
At Williams … where else?

Wimpy (1): mid-1970s

Accompanying a family entering a high street Wimpy bar in the shape of a huge hamburger

Music!Pop, pop, pop into a Wimpy.
You'll find one wherever you are.Music!

Wimpy (2): 1982

Music!If you’re out to get the best in burgers
We’ve got everything under the bun,
Wimpy is the home of the hamburger
With the greatest burgers under the bun.Music!

There’s countryside goodness in Wimpy’s new wheatmeal bun — browned to perfection, it tops the delicious quarter pounder.

Music! Wimpy is the home of the hamburger
With the greatest burgers under the bun,
We’ve got the greatest burgers under the bun.Music!

Wimpy (3): 1984

Music!Come on over to my place,
Hey you (hey you) we’re havin’ a Wimpy,
We’ll be shakin’, grillin’ and fillin’,
Come on over tonight — yeah, yeah, yeah,
Come on over to my place,
Hey you we’re havin’ a Wimpy,
We’ll be shakin’, grillin’ and fillin’,
Come on over tonight,
Yeah, yeah, yeah — yeah!Music!

[Tune: “Come on Over to my Place” by the Drifters]

Woolworth (1): c.1960

Nothing over sixpence.

Woolworth (2): 1977

Music!That’s the wonder of Woolworth,
That's the wonder of good old Woolie's!Music!

[A string of adverts featuring Lesley Crowther and Jimmy Young]

Woolworth (3): 1977

[At Christmas, with cheerleaders, a santa, band, streamers, and Leslie Crowther singing]

Music!Walking in a Woolie's wonderlandMusic!

Woolworth (4): 1979

Everybody needs Woolworth! [featuring Sir Harry Secombe]

Woolworth: Christmas 1981 (4):

Music!Have a cracking Christmas at Woolworth,
A cracker of a Christmas shopping spree,
Woolworth prices many of them crack-down,
Christmas Woolworth is the place to be!

Have a cracking Christmas at Woolworth,
A cracker of a Christmas shopping spree,
Crack-down prices — is it any wonder …
Christmas Woolworth is the place to be?

Get yourself to Woolworth for a present
For every member of the family,
Girlfriends, boyfriends, crackerjacks and crackerjills,
Aunties, uncles mums to be.

Have a cracking Christmas etc. (twice)Music!

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