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UK television adverts 1955–1990

Pet food

Angus dog food

Delivered by a Highland Terrier in a broad Scottish accent:

This the one you wanted. It’s all meat, a real treat.

Bonio: 1970s

Music!Bonio for your dog [more]Music!

Voiceover: Bonio — the biscuit that thinks it’s a bone.

Bounce dog food

There’s more dog taste to the ounce in Bounce — the tasty, meaty dog food!

Cupboard Love cat food: 1976

New Cupboard Love … what the well-cared-for cat has for dinner!

Hunky Chunks

Hunky Chunks. Better for your dog than fresh meat”

Kattomeat (now Whiskas)

If she likes it, I like it!

Kennomeat (1): 1960s

Series of adverts featuring a fat dog called Albert and a thin one called Sidney, who reckoned that dogs employed their so-called owners. They gave advice on the management of their manservants Stanley and Hamish.

Man is a dog’s best friend – treat him right and he’ll never forget to bring home the Kennomeat!

Kennomeat (2): c.1967

Kennomeat – tastes as good as it looks!

Kennomeat (3): 1970s

Chunks of lean and tender meat,
Tasty liver too,
Looks and smells delicious,
Nourishing through and through.


Keeps your cat a kitten-cat!

Master McGrath dog food (1)

Voiceover: Why don’t dogs ask for Master McGrath by name?

Small Scottie dog: Dogs can’t say Master McGrath.

(Pronounced Magrar)

Master McGrath dog food (2): 1960s

A panel of dogs sits in a line with a voiceover discussing this dog food

Chair dog: What do you think of Master McGrath dog food?

First dog (a Scottish terrier in a  broad accent) : Aye, it's all meat, a real treat.

Second dog: You can see it's good.

Third dog (a long-haired breed with hair covering its eyes, in a dumb voice): Well I can't.

Fourth dog: Then get your haircut!

Then they all erupt in laughter.

Meaty Chunks

Jock the Scottie: It’s all meat, a real treat.

Meow Mix: 1976

[Chorus of meows]

Tastes so good, cats ask for it by name!

Mr Dog: 1985

A small dog really appreciates the care you give him, so naturally you want to give him the best. And you can’t beat Mr Dog … specially now, since Mr Dog has a new, even tastier recipe! 100% meat in delicious jelly — with the meats he really loves.
Light juicy beef!
Or tasty lamb!
Or tempting turkey!
100% meat in delicious jelly — that’s Mr Dog … specially prepared for a small dog to enjoy even more.

PAL dog food: 1960s

(1) Prolongs Active Life.

(2) Contains nourishing marrowbone jelly (oozing bone shown)

(3) PAL. Because dogs love marrowbone.

Paws (mid-1960s)

Pamper your cat with Paws!

Pedigree Chum dog food (1)

Rich with nourishing marrowbone jelly.

Pedigree Chum dog food (2): 1974

Top breeders recommend Pedigree Chum.


Trill makes budgies bounce with health!

[Slogan created by the well-known racing commentator Murray Walker, whose principal job was as an advertising executive]

Whiskas: 1975

Eight out of ten cats prefer Whiskas.

Later revised to:

Eight out of ten owners who expressed a preference said their cats preferred Whiskas.

Winalot dog food (1): 1950s

Jim’s a barge dog: it’s his job to tell the lock-keeper to open the gates. Working dogs like Jim have to be in top condition: that means the right kind of food — Winalot mixed with meat … because Winalot gives a dog three body-builders missing in meat!
Calcium for strong teeth and bones.
Oils of wheatgerm for a glossy coat.
Extra vitamins for energy.

Feed your dog Winalot with the three body-builders every day!

Winalot dog food (2): late 1960s

With Jack De Manio

Winalot keeps your dog fit, not fat.

Adverts wanted

Minced Morsels (later Chunky Meat) dog food with Clement Freud
feeding Chunky to his dog Henry, 1967

Go Cat

Kattomeat advertisements with Arthur (1967)

Spratt’s Bonio

Lassie (made by Chappie)

Pets Dog Food

Purr for cats

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