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UK television adverts 1955–1990

Cigars, cigarettes, and tobacco


The luxury length cigarette!

Anchor cigarettes (1)

Music!A man at sea will often hanker
For the flavour of an Anchor!Music!

(Tune: What shall we do with the drunken sailor?)

Anchor cigarettes (2)

So much satisfaction!

Belair Menthol Kings

Fresher Tasting!

Benson & Hedges

Pure Gold, from Benson & Hedges.

The length you go to for pleasure.

Benson and Hedges 100s

Oh the disadvantages of the new Benson and Hedges 100s!
They’re a lot longer than King-size — and that takes some getting used to!

(Clips of people getting these long cigarettes trapped in lift doors and setting light to beards etc.)

Benson and Hedges 100s are the new, longer filter cigarettes.
Three puffs longer, four puffs longer — maybe five puffs longer than King-size —
Once you get the hang of them!

Benson and Hedges pipe tobacco

Prim-looking woman bringing home her new boyfriend to meet her dragon of a mother

Daughter: Mother, this is Tony.

They sit down and Tony lights up his pipe and mother, appalled at first by the smoke, looks at her errant daughter, who looks back beseechingly. Then mother notices the brand and hits on the alleged wonderful aroma, and then looks at Tony flirtatiously. Tony, totally oblivious to the consternation he's caused, looks back, smiles and winks.

Voiceover: Live in peace with your pipe.

Bic lighters

Flick your Bic

Bristol Cigarettes

Take a tip, take a Bristol,
Today’s cigarette is a Bristol,
A real cool flavour you’ll never forget,
Bristol is today’s cigarette.

Brymay Matches

3d. well spent.


Cadets bring quality to smaller cigarettes!


Rothmans Cambridge — we’ve got the taste!

Camel cigarettes

I’d walk a mile for a Camel!

Capstan cigarettes (1)

Music!Never go without a Capstan,
Wherever you go,
Never go without a Capstan.Music!

Capstan cigarettes (2)

When the kids are getting out of hand
And driving you insane —
Relax! Relax! Relax! Relax!
Let Capstan take the strain!

Capstan Full Strength cigarettes

For men who feel strongly about cigarette taste.
Ask for Capstan Full Strength in the brown packet.

Castella cigars (1)

The big cigar for the price of a pint

Castella cigars (2): 1970s

You know, you can come across some funny old partnerships!
There’s the George and Dragon, the Dog and Duck … and even the Punch and Judy!
But there’s one double act that gets on famously everywhere …
A Pint and Castella … a Castella cigar … long, smooth, and mellow.
Wherever there’s a friendly pub, have a Pint and Castella.
Get them together!

Condor pipe tobacco (1)

Aaah — Condor!

A man with a pipe followed by a group of Japanese visitors in an aerodrome. An airplane loops the loop. The man sucks the pipe and after a long pause says: “Ahh … Condor”.

The Japanese look puzzled and repeat “AHHH … COND-OW, COND-OW!!!”

Condor pipe tobacco (2)

It’s that Condor moment

Consulate cigarettes

Cool as a mountain stream

The finest taste in smoking!

Craven A cigarettes

For your throat’s sake, smoke Craven A —
They never vary

Dunhill International cigarettes

Internationally acknowledged to be the finest cigarette in the world.

Gallaher’s Condor Tobacco: 1965

A man is sitting in a small sailing dinghy moored to a riverbank (“GALLAHER’s CONDOR”; is superimposed). He picks up a packet of Gallaher’s Condor Sliced tobacco, fills his pipe, sits back, lights up, and reclines.

Voiceover: Rich, slow-burning Condor — a man’s taste. Taste! That’s what a pipe-smoker wants from his tobacco, and Condor gives it richly! Condor! Real value at 5s. 11d. an ounce!

Grandee cigars: 1960s

Make life Grandee!

Guards cigarettes (1)

They’ve got to be great to be Guards!

Guards cigarettes (2)

People are changing to Guards!

Hamlet cigars: 1964

Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet,
The mild cigar from Benson & Hedges.

[Background music: Bach’s “Air on a G-string”]

Harlequin Cigars: 1965

Michael Medwin: These Harlequin cigars are super, and they’re not just made for actors on the telly. Harlequin are superb cigars, but they cost no more than twenty cigarettes!

[A tin of of the cigars and “HARLEQUIN FROM J.R.FREEMAN 5/- FOR 10” is superimposed]

Michael Medwin: You try Harlequin!

Imperial Panatellas

Everything a really good cigar should be!

John Cotton Cigarillos

Join the smoking revolution with John Cotton Cigarillos!

Kensitas cigarettes; 1960s

No thank you, I’d rather have a Kensitas!

Kent cigarettes: 1950s

Music!Be certain that you've got the cigarette designed for you – change to Kent.Music!


Long and slender, light and mellow.

Lambert & Butler cigarettes (1)

Lambert: They’ve gone down!

Butler: But not in my estimation, Sir!

Lambert & Butler cigarettes (2)

Lambert: The price is frozen!

Butler: Looks pretty hot to me, Sir!

Manikin Cigars (1): mid-1960s

The mild Havana flavour.

Manikin Cigars (2): 1970s

Sheer enjoyment from Manikin-Britain’s favourite cigar.

Marlboro cigarettes

Settle Back. You get a lot to like here in Marlboro Country.
Come to where the flavour is. Come to Marlboro Country.
Come to where the flavour is. Come to Marlboro Country.


Up in the hills on an autumn day,
Matinée, Matinée, Matinée.

Pall Mall cigarettes

Wherever particular people congregate.

Piccadilly No. 7

A smooth-smoking cigarette of the finest Piccadilly quality tobacco.

Players cigarettes

Players please!

And afterwards, a Players:
It’s the tobacco that counts.

Player’s Anchor Cigarettes

In a world of men
It’s Player’s Anchor,
Fuller flavoured, smooth and satisfying,
So much satisfaction.

Red and White cigarettes: 1955

Time to light a Red and White.
Just the job for the man who inhales!

Richmond cigarettes (John Player): 1965

Music!Light up a Richmond – strike it rich
Richest flavour yet in a tipped cigarette
Light up a Richmond – strike it rich
Strike it rich with Richmond.Music!

Rizla cigarette papers

It’s what you make of it:
Quality rolling paper.

Rothmans: 1971

Rothmans: the best tobacco money can buy.

St Bruno pipe tobacco: 1964

I like a man who smokes St Bruno.

Satin cigarettes

Go on, spoil yourself with Satin.

Senior Service cigarettes (1)

Senior Service satisfy!

Senior Service cigarettes (2)

Let's change to Senior Service Tipped,
And get more change out of life.

Slim Kings

King-size length with elegance!

Strand cigarettes: 1959

You’re never alone with a Strand,
The cigarette of the moment.

Swan Vesta matches (1)

The smoker’s match.

Swan Vesta matches (2): 1970s

(Shown during a Miss World contest)

Whatever the judges say, we know gentlemen prefer redheads!

Tom Thumb cigars (1)

Music!Tom Thumb cigars for Christmas,
Tom Thumb in tins of ten,
There are ten tin tops,
They’re in all good shops,
The Christmas gift for men.Music!

Britain’s most popular cigarette-size cigar.

Tom Thumb cigars (2)

Music!Tom Thumb Cigars for Christmas,
Tom Thumb in tins of ten,
Tom Thumb Galore,
It’s another name for
The Christmas gift for men!Music!

Woodbine cigarettes

Ah Woodbine — A great little cigarette!


Cigarette advertising was banned on UK television from 1 August 1965, but the advertising of loose tobacco and cigars continued until 1991

Adverts wanted

Donatello cigars

Erinmore tobacco

Four Square tobacco

Golden Virginia tobacco

Guards cigarettes

Manikin cigars

Old Holborn tobacco

Panatella cigars

Park Drive

Schimmelpennick Panatella

Silk Cut

Will’s Gold Flake tobacco

Wills Whiffs


Baby’s Bottom pipe tobacco

“Smooth as a baby’s bottom”: was this only a printed advert?

Baby’s bottom tobacco

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