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UK television adverts 1955–1990


Adverts: Viewable online

RealPlayer or similar is required to view these adverts

Whirligig (Commercials section)
A selection of popular UK adverts from the 1950s

TV Whirl
Starts where this site finishes

Adverts: Lists only

Winspiration and Wickiquote
Lamentably dominated by US advertising slogans

The Free Dictionary: Advertising slogans
Again too many of them are American, but there are some useful dates

Quiz about UK TV adverts
Lists 140 slogans, with answers

Advertising slogan Hall of Fame
The best of UK adverts

Music and actors in UK adverts

UK TV adverts
Excellent site if you want to identify the actors who appear in or do voice-overs for UK commercials, or to listen to the music used

Museums, libraries, and archives

The Museum of Brands, Packaging, and Advertising
Museum in Notting Hill, London

History of Advertising Trust
Conserving the UK’s advertising heritage

Science & Society Picture Library
Images of household management

Television programmes from the 1950s

British television and radio nostalgia from the 1950s

Screen Online
British television by decade from the 1950s to the present

Histories of some firms that advertised

The League of Ovaltineys

Procter & Gamble

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