Public Art in Headington

Map showing sites of public art

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Twenty-first century

Public art has proliferated in Headington since 2002. This is partly explained by the fact that Policy CP14 of the Oxford Local Plan 2001–2016 sought the provision of public art in association with major development. The public art as approved and implemented has to be retained at all times following its erection unless otherwise agreed in writing beforehand by the Local Planning Authority. The year of the sculpture is shown in red below when it has been provided by developers.

The University of Oxford considers that the Oxford City Council planning guidance for public art should be viewed as an opportunity rather than a requirement. Three artworks are planned as part of the Old Road Campus Public Art Strategy, which addresses the whole site with the establishment of an “aggregated” public art budget, which, rather than being linked to individual buildings, is utilized strategically. It is being delivered over a five-year period between 2015 and 2020, and the first piece of art in this series was the “Origin” sculpture of 2017.

Plans for future public art

  • The next piece of public art on the Old Road campus is likely to be Art Seating in the area of the Amenities& Bioescalator Building: plans approved on 15 December 2017 (12/02072/CND8). 
These works of art
start with the most recent
Barton subway
Barton Underpass
Stansfeld Park
MRI-inspired ohms
Stansfeld Park
Stansfeld Park
Barton Neighbourhood Centre
Assembly at Brookes
“Assembly” sculpture
Oxford Brookes University
"Origin" sculpture
Old Road Campus
Aslan sculpture
Bury Knowle Park
Wood Farm mosaic
Mosaic at Wood Farm
Atkyns Road
Blueberry pie
Blueberry pie sculpture

Maggie's Centre
The Willows
Cricket seats
The Willows, Barton Road
Rain pavilion at Brookes
Rain Pavilion
Oxford Brookes University
Dragon in Magdalen Wood
Dragon sculpture
Magdalen Wood
League of Friends, NOC
League of Friends
Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre
Horse at NOC
Horse sculpture
Botnar Research Centre
Sandhills subway
A40 subway
Wall painting, John Radcliffe
KIDS wall painting

John Radcliffe
EF seat
Stone Circle seat
EF Int. Language School
Ruskin mosaic
Ruskin College
Slade Barracks ring
Bronze ring
Blackstock Close
Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre
Warneford sculpture
Sculpture Walk
Warneford Hospital
Bonny Banks mosaic
Mosaics in play area
Bernwood Road
Underhill Circus
Mosaics and Pillars
Underhill Circus, Barton
Stones at the JR
Stones on roundabout
John Radcliffe Hospital
Storybook tree
Storybook Tree
Bury Knowle Park
Manor Hospital sculpture
United Sculpture
Manor Hospital
Peace circle
Peace Circle
Bury Knowle Park
Nineteenth and twentieth centuries
The Shark
The Shark
2 New High Street
Vashti window
Vashti window*
St Andrew's Church
Samuel Warneford
Samuel Warneford statue
Warneford Hospital
Works of art that no longer exist or have been taken away from Headington
Moulin Rouge
Legs on Cinema
New High Street
Sails at JR
Wind sculpture
John Radcliffe Hospital
Headington Subway
Subway murals
Central Headington

* There are many other works of art in churches in Headington, including:

Only works of art that can be easily viewed by the public are shown here, so those on school premises are not included.
The Headington hospitals also own many other works of art, but only those in public areas are shown above

Oxford City Council Public Art Map (now getting out of date)

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