Art in Headington: The former subway

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The Headington Subway decorations (2002)

The Headington subway was opened in 1970. In 2002 it was cheered up with paintings, which were officially “opened” by the Lord Mayor of Oxford and local artist Korky Paul at a champagne breakfast on Saturday 22 June 2002.

In 2010 a decision was made to fill in the subway. Oxfordshire County Council had panoramas made of the subway murals before they were buried in concrete

Right wall Panorama        Left wall Panorama


Arthur Treherne painting the ducks



The subway being painted

The paintings sinking as the subway is filled in

The perils of the temporary pelican crossing



Oxford Mail, 13 June 2001: “Offenders help brighten subway

Oxford Mail, 25 June 2002: “Artist unveils wall mural

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