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Mosaic feature at Bernwood Road play area, Barton (2008)

Bonny Banks mosaics

There are many small mosaics, including benches, gateways, and paving features, in Bernwood Road play area (also known as Bonny Banks Park, Barton. The play area can be reached from Bernwood Road (opposite Ilsley Road), or from North Way (just to the east of Wick Close).

They were created by artist Rob Turner and the local community, and the project was commissioned by the Community Arts Agency, Fusion Arts, and Barratt Homes. The art was installed adjacent to the former Bernwood School (Barton Village First School) as a result of a section 106 agreement relating to the planning permission granted to Barratt Homes to build 115 dwellings on the school site.

Bonny Banks mosaics

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