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Warneford Hospital sculptures (2008)

Warneford green oak sculpture

This sculpture in the grounds of the Warneford Hospital comprises three elements in green oak. It was installed for the World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2008. This project by Artscape involved five artists each working with a different group at the hospital. More images from when it was new can be seen here on the website of Janine Bell, one of the artists.

Warneford waves

This sculpture is a vitreous glass mosaic applied to five stainless steel waves that undulate down a gentle slope. It was inspired by Walt Whitman’s poem: ‘As I Ebb’d with the Ocean of Life’. It was designed by Rosalind Wates and funded by the Arts Council for England and Artscape. See five more  images on the sculptor's website.

Sculpture walk at the Warneford Hospital

This sculpture is made of metal and is also in the grounds of the Warneford Hospital.

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