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The Willows, former Cricket Ground, Barton Road (2016)

The Willows

This is one of two seats at “The Willows” in Barton Road, a development of 30 homes by Thomas Homes on the former Cricket Ground at Barton Road. (This land was given to Headington United Cricket Club when Headington United Football Club took over the whole of the Manor Ground site.)

Not only does the name of the development reflect the former use of the site, but also the seats themselves. The arm-rest and leg on each side are made up of a pair of cricket bats, and the middle support and back-rest are formed from stumps and bails.

Policy CP14 of the Oxford Local Plan 2001–2016 sought the provision of public art in association with major development such as this one:

  • Planning application 13/00631/FUL for the erection of 30 residentail units on cricket ground: ssee Condition 4 of decision notice, which stated that no part of the development could be occcupied until a scheme of public art had been subitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority
  • Planning application 13/00631/CND4 for this work of art


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