Manor Ground redevelopment

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On 1 November 2001 it was announced that the Government Inspector had allowed the appeal on the Second Application. (Four days after that, Firoz Kassam offered an alternative plan for 130 homes on the site, but this idea was quickly abandoned.)

Two similar planning applications, each including the relocated Acland Hospital, were submitted in the year 2000 for the Manor Ground:

First application 00/932/NFY

The first application was submitted in June 2000, and Oxford City Council turned it down within six weeks. In January 2001 the developers appealed against this decision, withdrew this appeal in August 2001, and then reinstated it.

Second application 00/2116/NFY and 00/2117/NFY

The second application was submitted in duplicate in December 2000. In June 2001 the developers appealed against the City Council’s failure to give notice of its decision on 00/2116/NFY within the appropriate period. On 4 July the council rejected its twin, 00/2117/NFY, and immediately the developers appealed against the city council’s refusal of planning permission

An Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Transport, Local Government, and the Regions held a local inquiry into the appeals at Oxford Town Hall. The inquiry started on Tuesday 4 September 2001, was adjourned until Thursday 11 October, and the decision made on 1 November. The developers have been granted planning permission for their second application

Who are the developers?

Who is the owner of the Manor Ground?

  • The ground is now owned by Firoz Kassam, who bought it for £6 million at the end of April. It is expected that its value will rise dramatically now that planning permission for the hospital was granted.

The nature of the hospital
There seems to be some confusion about this hospital because it comes under the “Nuffield Hospitals” umbrella. It is a private hospital (a much-enlarged version of the Acland) and is additional to the relocated Radcliffe Infirmary, for which Headington is also expected to make room. It was revealed in January 2003 that this new private hospital would be supplementing, not replacing, the Acland.

The developers have circulated an artist’s impression of the proposed “Oxford Nuffield Hospital” and surrounding flats. This graphically illustrates the enormous scale of this development: it is no cottage hospital, and is very much bigger than the present Acland on the Banbury Road. The three-storey building would cover 6,800 square metres, with an underground car-park for 152 vehicles, and would have 70 beds, six operating theatres, and 24 consulting rooms for 4,500 patients. About 116 full-time and 120 part-time staff would work at the new site, with a maximum of 180 workers on site at any one time.

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