Manor Ground: Second planning application

Entrance to Oxford United


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The proposals which were eventually approved

Ref. 00/02116/NFY and 00/02117/NFY (duplicate application)

  • Demolition of existing stands, terraces, floodlights and associated football club buildings
  • Erection of two-and three-storey hospital building (6,800 sq.m.) with 152-space underground car park accessed from Beech Road and exiting via Osler Road, access from London Road to six-space surface car park and service yard, existing via Osler Road
  • Generator compound in service yard
  • Erection of 60 flats (59 two-bedroom and one three-bedroom) in three- and four-storey block with fourth floor in the roof space, with 39 surface car-parking spaces and 28 spaces in an underground car park, all accessed from and exiting on to Beech Road
  • Provision of emergency access from proposed hospital service yard
  • Erection of 27 flats (6 one-bedroom and 21 two-bedroom) in two three-storey blocks, accessed from London Road and exiting via Osler Road
  • Extension of Headington Bowls Club car park with gated exist on to internal access road leading to Osler Road
  • Provision of cycle route from London Road to Cuckoo Lane

The plans for the second application had to be readvertised on 9 March 2001 because new information about traffic had been added to the application. The wording above is that of the readvertised application.


The plans for the Second Application were submitted in December 2000, but Oxford City Council Planning Committee did not come to a decision within the legal time-limit as it was waiting for a traffic report from the County Council.

In June 2001 the developers appealed against the Council’s failure to give notice of its decision on version 1 of the Second Application (00/02116/NFY) within the appropriate period.

Version 2 of this application (00/02117/NFY) was turned down by the city council on 4 July on the grounds of the traffic implications, and the developers appealed against this decision.

The twin appeals were heard at Oxford Town Hall in September / October 2001.

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