Second World War in Headington and Marston, Oxford


Slade Park Territorial Army Barracks

Slade Park Territorial Army Barracks in 2008

The same scene today

The former Slade Territorial Army Barracks in Horspath Driftway opened in c.1938 on part of Slade Camp, a World War 2 training camp that occupied most of the space between the Slade and Shotover (before the eastern bypass bisected the area).

Slade Barracks memorial

These barracks closed in 2008, and Berkeley Homes bought the old site for £11 million (of which £8 million went to Oxford City Council and £3 million to the Ministry of Defence).

The Territorial Army’s 7 Rifle moved from the Slade to Dalton Barracks in Abingdon in 2008, and the South African War Memorial that had stood in these barracks became the centrepiece of the new Territorial Army Centre there.


Right This sculpture was placed on the corner of Horspath Driftway and Blackstock Close in 2011. It includes some military emblems in remembrance of Slade Camp, such as the Oxfordshire & Buckingham Light Infantry emblem and a soldier's cap badge,

The map below shows where the Barracks were situated. The new road Territorial Way was named in memory of the Barracks.

What is on the site of the Slade Barracks now

There are two separate developments on the old Territorial Army Barracks site in the Slade:

  • 72 new houses and flats
  • Slade Park student accommodation, a block with 350 ensuite rooms and 24 self-contained studios. This block was bought by the Gatehouse Bank in Kuwait for £28.95m. It was agreed that Oxford Brookes University would nominate the tenants for the block, and the bank would get a 9.63% annual return on its money.

Berkeley Homes was originally granted permission in June 2008 to build 353 student study bedrooms and 72 houses and flats on the site (07/02261/FUL). A second, revised planning application for the site (increasing the number of student rooms in the development from 353 to 374) was approved in 2009 (09/01205/FUL and 09/01553/CND). The entire project was funded jointly by Unite Group and Julian Hodge Bank.

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