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Cottages in St Andrew’s Road


Site of cottages today

The above postcard dates from around the time of the First World War and shows St Andrew’s Road, looking east from its junction with Osler Road.

A house on the right of the row (then numbered 11) and ten small thatched cottages (numbered from 13 to 31) were demolished in 1937 and replaced by just four houses (numbered from 27 to 33). The latter are painted pink and are set further back from the road.

They were the subject of many postcards, and two more examples are shown below. Note that the cottage with the dormer window around the middle of the row has a slate roof in all three old photographs.

Postcard of the thatched cottages

The larger house to the right of the thatched cottages was quite different, and its slate roof (pitched in the opposite direction) can just be seen in the photograph below. It was demolished along with the cottages, but some of its eastern wall remains.

Another postcard of the thatched cottages

© Stephanie Jenkins

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