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Old Road at Titup


Old Road at Titup today

This postcard showing Old Road as it passes through Titup on its way to Shotover Hill was produced in the 1930s by a local photographer, as can be seen by the amateurish lettering.

The houses on the left, now numbered 101 and 103, were numbered 33 and 35 at this time and were occupied by Tom Barrett and William Kislingbury respectively. Tom Barrett was a “commission agent” (or bookie) and that probably explains the sign in his window.

On the right is the former Crown & Thistle pub.

Coppock & Hill in their book Headington Quarry and Shotover explain the origin of the word Titup thus:

The name “Titup”, which is now in danger of falling into misuse, undoubtedly dates back to the coaching days, as just in that place is the first flat land from Oxford where it would be possible for the horses to canter. “Titup” in the dictionary is given as “a light, springing canter”.

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