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South side of London Road

From Kennett Road to Windmill Road in 1905

Kennett Road to Windmill Road today


The postcard above shows the London Road to the west of the main crossroads in about 1910. The pair of large semi-detached houses in the foreground were demolished in the late 1960s to make way for the row of shops from the HSBC (formerly Midland) Bank to Iceland.

The house beyond with the twin gables is visible in both picture, although its front garden has disappeared: it is now occupied by the Trade Exchange and a charity shop. There is just a garden on the western corner of Windmill Road: the 1915 post office has not yet been built.

The building that looks like a chapel on the other side of Windmill Road is the 1892 Co-op, now occuped by Buckell & Ballard.

Iceland in the 1950s
The above photograph shows a similar scene in the 1950s, when the trees outside the houses in
the postcard above were much bigger. New Road on the right was renamed Kennett Road in 1959

© Stephanie Jenkins

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