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Barton Village Road

Barton Village Road

Barton Village Road

Barton Village Road today

The first (tinted) postcard shows a group outside Alf & Amelia Cooper’s cottage in Barton Village Road in about 1903. Behind them is the Princes Castle pub, and the strange, flat, windowless face of Barton Manor. According to The Changing Faces of Headington, Book 1 the women are Maude Smith, Mrs W. Morris with her daughter Ena, and Mrs Alf Cooper

The second (sepia) postcard shows a slightly different view of the same scene in the 1920s.

At this time this part of the present Barton estate was a hamlet of Old Headington, in the parish of St Andrew’s Church. Before the northern bypass was built, Barton Road and Barton Village Road were one and the same.

The Northern Bypass between the present Headington to Banbury Road roundabouts (unemployment relief work) was completed in 1935, and since then Barton has been cut off from the rest of Old Headington by the northern bypass,

From 1946 a large council estate was built around Barton Village Road an on land to the east of Bayswater Road.

Barton Village Road in the 1950s
Above: Barton village road from the south in the 1950s

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