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11 The Croft

11 & 11a The Croft

List entry for 11 The Croft: 1047294

11a The Croft



Nos. 11 and 11A date from the seventeenth century, and were formerly one house.

In the above picture, No. 11 is the house with four dormer windows, while No. 11A is on the far right (see detail, left).


No. 11

James Parker lived at No. 11 in 1930, and was still there in 1940.

From 1941 to 1952 the occupant was Edward James Parker, and from 1954 to at least 1976, Miss Parker.


No. 11A

The house at No. 11 appears to have been subdivided in the late 1950s, and the first occupant listed at No. 11A was Ronald Atkinson (1960–1967), followed by John Kenyon (1968–1973) and R. Baker in 1976


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