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9 The Croft

9 The Croft

List entry for 9 The Croft: 1369367

No. 9 The Croft is the long white house with three dormer windows on the left of this photograph, dating from the seventeenth century. It is attached to a similar house with four dormers to the east, and to the White Hart outbuilding to the west.

This cottage housed the Headington subscription reading room from 1858, and in 1876 was turned into a British Workman club. It was too small, however, to cope with the demand, and the new British Workman opened in Old High Street in 1881.

Occupants of 9 The Croft listed in directories:

  • 1930–1933:: Mrs W. Webb
  • 1935–1956: Sidney George Coggins, with Mrs D. Coggins remaining here until at least 1976.

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