Former Headington Festivals: 2004: Saturday

Outside the Co-op

  • 11.00: Grand opening by Geraldine Peers from BBC South Today, followed by a performance from Cornucopia, (Appalachian clog-dance team from Wantage/Grove)
  • 11.30: Oxford Swing Dance Society (Swing dance & Lindy hopping)
  • 12.00: Kirk Two (Oxford’s famous busking duo)

The Quarry Gate
(Hosted by “Delicious Music”. Food all day/drinks specials)

  • 12.00: Mars (Promoter of “Delicious Music” and frontman/songwriter for local band Moocher)
  • 12.30: Sean Dennis (David Bowie comes to Headington)
  • 13.00: Ben & Emily (Wonderful covers singing duo)
  • 13.30: Flaming Forearms (Dynamic old friends performing originals & covers)
  • 14.00: Lee Davies (Acoustic singer/songwriter playing covers & originals)
  • 14.30: Peter Davis (Up-and-coming pianist and lyricist)
  • 15.00: Jonelle (Talented ten-year-old influenced by R’n’B who sang at Ark T, Cowley Road Carnival and has auditioned for “Stars in their eyes”)
  • 15.30: Ella Reid (excellent Blues player)
  • 16.00: Scott E. Cooper (Solo singer with haunting guitar & lyrics)

Queen’s Café

World music from North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa:

  • 11.00: Margaret Scruby (Paraguayan harpist returning by popular demand)
  • 11.40: Graham Bushnell (Headington Quarry melodeon player)
  • 12.20: Jali Fily Cissokho (Master Kora player from Senegal, West Africa)
  • 13.00: Belle Musette (French café music)
  • 13.40: Phil Freizinger & Chris Hills (Flute and Tabla duo)
  • 14.20: Ukulele Bob (well known to Radio Oxford listeners)
  • 15.00: Hot ’n’ Sticky (delicious harmonies from Richard Blair & Anne Stafford)

The Royal Standard

  • 12.00: Richard G. Jeffery (Humorous songs from Headington singer/songwriter)
  • 12.30: Mike Tierney (The man behind the Caversham Charity Folk Festival)
  • 13.10: Greg Mayston (Brings a smokey late-night feel to the middle of the afternoon)
  • 13.50: Chrissie Flynn & Jim Davis (Country, folk and pop standards)
  • 14.30: Pete “Chill-out” Galpin (Fine singer and guitarist)
  • 15.10–15.40 Phil Freizinger & Sue Smith (Swamp Rock)
  • 15.50: Anna Neale (Acoustic rock guitar mixed with Soul vocals)
  • 16.30: Syd Kitchen (South Africa’s hippest hippy plays Headington as part of his UK tour)
  • 17.10: Gilly Darbey (Ex Nothing By Chance singer returns to her folk/Blues roots)

Outdoor performances

  • Buskers on the street including Kirk Two, Ukulele Bob, Mike Tierney, Richard G. Jeffery, plus a few surprises.

Children’s Special with Chilindrader in Bury Knowle Park:

  • Helga and the Snowmen: 13.00 & 15.15

Evening performances at the Black Boy

(Hosted by “Delicious Music”. Food, BBQ, drinks specials, beer garden for sessions,table service)

  • 17.30: Redox (Excellent boisterous Swamp-rock duo)
  • 18.00: Drift (Trip Hop: Oxford’s answer to Massive Attack)
  • 18.30: Lee Davies (More covers and originals)
  • 19.00: Ben & Emily (More from the covers singing duo)
  • 19.30: The Formless Absorptions (Psychedelic garage outfit)
  • 20.00: Moocher (unplugged version of the popular local rock band. Very good)
  • 20.30: In Out (An original & entertaining acoustic duo)
  • 21.00: Twizz Twangle (Zappa-like mayhem. A legend in his own thong)
  • 21.30: The Stunts (Familiar faces from throughout the night performing happy covers)
  • 22.00: Mark & the Tidy House Band, followed by celebrations marking the close of the Saturday events

Sunday’s events

© Stephanie Jenkins


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