Retail shops in Central Headington


Opening hours of Headington supermarkets

Other food shops
  • Oxon Groceries (formerly the AGN Butchery (Halal)), 142 London Road
  • Coco Noir (Belgian chocolate shop and patisserie), 77A London Road
  • “Euro Food” Polish delicatessen, 115 London Road
  • Greggs Bakers, 118 London Road
  • Headington Butchers & Groceries (Halal), 150a London Road
  • Headington Fairtrade, 104 London Road
  • Holland & Barrett Health Foods, 100 London Road
  • Jacobs & Field, 15 Old High Street
  • Thong Heng Chinese Supermarket, 6A The Parade, Windmill Road

  • Boots, 96 London Road
  • Savers Health & Beauty, 112 London Road

Clothes Shops
  • Monaco, 7 Old High Street

Household goods

Stationery and cards
  • Card Factory, 102 London Road
  • Leopard Press, 12 Windmill Road
  • Mail Boxes Etc, 94 London Road
  • Pen to Paper, 95 London Road


Few of the shops and businesses on the London Road in Headington show their numbers, but the plan below (North at top) gives a rough idea of where you will find them. They are all in Headington ward, except Nos. 122–152 to the south-east, which are in Quarry & Risinghurst ward

Plan of shopping centre

© Stephanie Jenkins


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