Cannabis “farms” in Headington & Marston


House in Weldon Road, New Marston raided on 17 May 2010
Oxford Mail, 18 May 2010: “Police seize cannabis plants worth £100k

House in Headley Way raided on 10 May 2010
Oxford Mail, 11 May 2010: “Cannabis farm discovery shocks neighbours
Oxford Mail, 7 July 2010: “‘Gardener’ jailed after Headington cannabis factory discovered’


23 Cherwell Drive
Above: 23 Cherwell Drive
Equipment found, no arrests
Oxford Mail, 20 January 2009: “Marston: My life next door to sex and drugs


Police raided Headington’s thirteenth cannabis “farm” at the top of Headington Hill on Thursday 7 February 2008.

In addition 11 Margaret Road (discovered to be a “cannabis farm” at the end of 2006) was among a group of houses raided at dawn on 5 March 2008 because they were believed to be linked to an Albanian drugs ring wanted for supplying cocaine across the south of England. A man from Margaret Road was arrested.


Old Road
Above: Old Road
552 plants with street value of £88,320 seized, no arrests
18 December 2007: “£88,000 cannabis haul seized

21 Harcourt Terrace
Above: Harcourt Terrace
100 mature and 150 young plants seized with street value of £28,000, no arrests
Oxford Mail, 30 May 2007: “Landlord discovered 200 cannabis plants

143 Headley Way
Above: 143 Headley Way
400 plants seized with street value of £64,000, three arrests
Oxford Mail
, 23 February 2007: “Another cannabis factory closed

78 Derwent Avenue
Above: 78 Derwent Avenue
450 mature plants seized,with street value of £72,000, three arrests
Oxford Mail, 14 February 2007: “Police root out another cannabis factory
11 May 2007: “Cannabis gardener sent to jail

25 Valentia Road
Above: 25 Valentia Road
No plants seized, one arrest
Oxford Mail. 2 February 2007: “Raid uncovers cannabis farm

There were five additional cannabis farms (not pictured) raided in Headington in 2007:

Palmer Road, Wood Farm
230 young plants seized with street value of £18,400, no arrests
Oxford Mail, 5 February 2007: “Raid uncovers new city drugs ‘farm’

Dene Road: 29 May
50 plants seized with street value of £8,000, no arrests

Titup Hall Drive
283 plants seized with street value of £45,280, 1 arrest
21 March 2007: “Charged over cannabis houses
Oxford Mail, 22 June 2007: “Drug grower given jail term

Brasenose Driftway: June 2007
139 plants seized with street value of £22,240, no arrests
15 September 2007: “Drugs ‘gardener’ jailed

Trafford Road, Headington Quarry
284 mature plants seized with street value of £45,440, no arrests
21 November 2007: “Raid unearths drugs factory

There were also drug raids in Dene Road (7 January 2007), Stowford Road (6 March 2007),
and Holley Crescent (3 July 2007), but no plants were found.


11 Margaret Road
Above: 11 Margaret Road:
Oxford Mail, 14 November 2006: “Firemen expose cannabis farm
Believed to be trading in cocaine 15 months later:
Oxford Mail, 5 March 2008: “Dawn raids target dealers

The police have said that the vast majority of cannabis factories raided in Oxfordshire were producing skunk. Vietnamese gangs target rental properties, converting almost all the rooms into growing rooms and putting in a “minder” to monitor the operation. Most of the rented houses had the electrical systems tampered with so that power could be stolen from the general supply to provide extra power for hydroponic lights, allowing the plants to flower up to four times a year.

Watch drugs homes for us” (Oxford Mail, 15 February 2007)

Cannabis clampdown success” (Oxford Mail, 26 December 2007)

Drugs gangs driven out of city” (Oxford Mail, 9 January 2009)

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