Waitrose, Old High Street

The sign goes up
The Waitrose sign goes up at the Old High Street entrance on 6 May 2009

Line-up of new trolleys, minutes before Waitrose opened on 7 May 2009

First customer
Headington Branch Manager Graham Oakley welcomes first customer Gabriel Mech

In 2009 the Co-op bought the whole national Somerfield company for £1.57bn, and the Headington Somerfield was sold on to Waitrose and closed on 8 April 2009.

Oxford’s first Waitrose opened on 7 May 2009. It was granted planning permission on three applications (09/00399/FUL, 09/00400/FUL, and 09/00418/ADV), and also a licence (09/00227/PREM) to permit the sale of alcohol and regulated entertainment (recorded music only) from Monday to Sunday, 0800 to 2300.

16 April 2009: building works16 April 2009: Waitrose starts its building work

Chris Mazungula
Christopher Mazungula, a popular assistant at Somerfield, in his new
Waitrose uniform, worn for training in Thame on 2 May 2009

Headington Waitrose official website, with opening hours

The Times, 20 January 2010:

‘Headington is home to the John Radcliffe, Oxford Brookes University and Waitrose (“everyone seems to think Waitrose is crucial”, Kirkland [of John  D. Wood estate agents] says).’


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