New flats and houses for Bateman Street

Empty site

Above: February 2005

Cement mixer

Above and below: 8 June 2007



Above: 30 June 2007

Building on the site in Bateman Road that was formerly occupied by garages and the ends of the gardens of 52, 54, 56, and 58 Windmill Road was completed early in 2008.

Crampton Smith Developments built 2 × three-bedroom houses with two parking spaces to the east of the site, and 4 × two-bedroom and 2 × one-bedroom flats to the west. Scott Fraser sold all the flats before the foundations were even laid.

The five planning applications for this site

  1. 04/01082/FUL. The first application for this site for 5×three-bedroom family homes without any parking facilities was approved in July 2004.
  2. 04/02539/FUL. The second application amending the earlier plans was refused in April 2005 and went to appeal; the appeal was dismissed in August 2006.
  3. 05/00656/FUL. In the meantime a third application was submitted, and this was rejected in June 2005 on the grounds of over-development.
  4. 05/01458/FUL. The fourth application was approved in September 2005.
  5. 06/00370/FUL. The fifth and final plan, which simply added conservatories to the fourth plan, was approved in March 2006.

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