The JR bus route, Headington

A new bus-route through the John Radcliffe Hospital from Osler Road to Saxon Way that starts in November 2006 will cut the present seven-minute bus journey down to two minutes.

Saxon Way entrance

Above: The new bus entrance to the JR from Saxon Way is virtually complete on 15 September 2006, with road signs, bollards, and double-yellow lines. The Osler Road entrance (below) is not so far advanced.

Osler Road entrance

The picture below, taken on 13 July 2006, shows the stumps of two trees that had to be removed to make way for the new road through the grounds.

Trees removed

In addition, ten metres of the listed eighteenth-century wall of the old Manor House had to be demolished to enlarge the Osler Road entrance and two mature beech trees that stood in the way were removed. The photograph below, taken on Saturday 1 April 2006, shows a man in a harness removing large boughs from one of the doomed trees.

Tree felling in Osler Road

New road in 2007

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