New gas main for Kennett Road, Headington

Gas works with parking notice

The above picture shows Kennett Road on Saturday 9 April 2005. The notice on the post on the left announces that the Central Headington Controlled Parking Zone comes into effect on Monday 11 April, but there are still trenches where the yellow lines should be. (The county council originally stated that no part of the scheme could come into effect until all the new road markings were finished; but letters have been sent to residents confirming the planned date.)

Work on renewing the gas main in Kennett Road (originally due to commence at the beginning of January and estimated to take six weeks) started on Monday 7 February. The single gas main serves both sides of Kennett Road, and households with metal piping going into their houses have had it replaced with plastic. The work has probably been made slower because so many people have paved their front gardens and the contractors have to drive down daily from Wolverhampton.

Below: how the street looked on (1) Thursday 24 March and (2) Thursday 31 March.

Gas main replacement in Kennett Road

31 March 2005

© Stephanie Jenkins


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