Accident on London Road: Saturday 11 June 2005

Fire, police, ambulance
Fire engine, ambulances, and police on the London Road

Broken bike stand
Crushed cycle racks on the pavement on the corner of Osler Road

General view
The police car that crashed ended up on the pavement. It can be seen with its boot open
on the far right of this photograph, where it was brought to a halt by a parked car and the Sun-Kissed Tanning Salon

Police car
The crashed car in final resting place. The parked car it hit is obscured behind it.

Getting the driver out
Firefighters cut the driver (who suffered back and neck injuries) out of the police car.
It hit the black car on the left before coming to a halt at the tanning salon.

The damaged police car
The damaged police car

Traffic diverted down Lime Walk
Traffic is sent down Lime Walk

It’s amazing nobody died” (Oxford Mail, 13 June 2005)

© Stephanie Jenkins


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