Which ward are you in? Headington & Marston area

In May 2002 the city council divided up the city into new wards, and the six wards in the Headington and Marston area (including Risinghurst and Sandhills) now come under the North-East Area Committee. (The Lye Valley part of Headington, however, is attached to Cowley by the council.) If you live in Headington, you can find out which ward you are in from the link below:

Every street in Headington with its city council ward

City council logo

City council wards in Headington and Marston

Since May 2002 this has been divided up into the following six wards, each of which has two city councillors:

  • Barton & Sandhills
  • Churchill
  • Headington
  • Headington Hill & Northway
  • Marston
  • Quarry & Risinghurst

Map showing ward boundaries

Map showing city boundaries

County council logo

County council divisions in Headington and Marston

The county council changed its divisions in May 2013. Just one county councillor now represents each of the four new county divisions that cover the Headington & Marston area, namely:

  • Barton, Sandhills & Risinghurst
  • Churchill & Lye Valley
  • Headington & Quarry
  • Marston & Northway

Division Boundaries available on LocalView

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