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Barton Primary Schools

The development of the Barton council estate began in 1946. In 1949 Barton Junior Mixed School opened in Northway, and then in 1952 Barton Infant School opened in Fettiplace Road.

In 1975, when Oxford adopted a three-tier system of education, Barton Junior Mixed School became Bernwood First School, and Barton Infant School became Barton Village First School.

Bernwood First School closed in the summer of 1998, and in September 1998 the pupils of Barton Village First School moved on to its site in North Way because their premises in Fettiplace Road were so dilapidated.

In September 2003, when Oxford reverted to a two-tier system of education, Barton Village First School moved to the site of the redundant Bayswater Middle School and was renamed Bayards Hill Primary School.

The old Barton Village First School was then demolished and the site sold for development.








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