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The new turnpike road in 1788

Advertisement from Jackson’s Oxford Journal, Thursday 14 August 1788, p. 3:

Notice is hereby given, That Application is intended to be made to Parliament the next Session for enlarging the Term and Powers of an Act passed in the eighteenth Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, entitled

“An Act for repairing and widening the Road from Stoken-church, in the County of Oxford, to Wheatley Bridge, and from the said Bridge to Enslow Bridge, and from Wheatley Bridge to the Mileway leading towards Magdalen-Bridge….

- And also to impower the Trustees to compleat a Road from the Bottom of Cheney-Lane, upon Headington-Hill, to Forest-Hill, and from thence to the Enslow Branch of Road, near certain Stone Pits in the Parish of Holton, to be used instead of the present Road up Cheney Lane and Shotover-Hill to the said Enslow Branch; and which intended new Road lies in the Parishes of Headington, Shotover, Foresthill, and Holton, in the said County of Oxford.”

At this time the main route to London was via Cheney Lane (the Mileway) and Old Road. The above application in 1788 resulted in the cutting of the new turnpike road (now known as the Headington / London Road) through the countryside from half-way up Headington Hill to Holton.





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