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Jackson’s Oxford Journal. 27 March 1869

Petty Sessions, Bullingdon Division, County Hall, Oxford, March 10th

Henry Hedges of Barton, farmer, was charged by Mr. Wells, district surveyor, with neglecting to have his hedges cut, and thereby encroaching on the road. The proceedings were taken by order of the Highway Board and the Summons was dismissed on the payment of 7s. 6d. by the defendant.

Jackson’s Oxford Journal, 22 May 1869
Petty Sessions, Bullingdon Division, County Hall, Oxford May 15th

David Clare of Headington, labourer, carter to his father-in-law Mr. Snow, was charged by P.C. Sutton with riding a wagon without reins on the 30th ult. Complainant had previously cautioned him and received great abuse. The defendant pleaded guilty and paid find 6d., costs 13s. 6d.








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