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Cinema at north end of New High Street

Headington Cinema

The above postcard shows Headington Cinema (then called New Cinema) at the top of New High Street (then called High Street, New Headington) in the late 1920s.

To the north of the cinema is Mrs Rogers’ sweet shop, and then Reginald Lee’s butcher’s shop; to the south is J. W. Bowen, hairdresser & tobacconist, who was at this shop from 1925 to 1929).

On the London Road, the shop with the sunblinds is Walker’s furniture shop (a business that survived until 1993); and to the left is Herbert Oddy’s chemist’s shop.

Top of New High Street in 2009

The shops and cinema at the top of New High Street were demolished in 1991 and replaced by Standon Court flats. The chemist’s shop on the London Road is now an undertaker’s, and the furniture shop is Starbuck’s.

History of Headington Cinema

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