Former Headington Festivals: 2004 – Saturday

Appalachian clog-dancers

Above and below: Appalachian clog-dancers
all the way from Grove outside the Co-op

Appalachian clog-dancers

Swing Dance Society by Kat Luddecke

Above: Oxford Swing Dance Society


Margaret Scruby




Left : One of the open gardens in the centre



Right: Margaret Scruby playing the Paraguayan harp in Queen’s Café;

Richard Jeffery

Barrel organ



Left: Richard Jeffery plays in the Royal Standard


Right: Barrel organ outside Barclays

Queue for the barbecue

Above: people queue for free hot-dogs and burgers outside the Co-op; Below: Geraldine Peers and the Co-op team

The Co-op team by Kat Luddecke

More Saturday pictures

© Stephanie Jenkins


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