Nativity Play performed by Miss Brook’s class, December 1960

Nativity scene

Mary and Joseph: Zandra Brewer and Geoffrey Fenn

Three Kings: (left to right) Peter Redding, Peter Akerman, Stephen Davies

Shepherds: (left to right): Philip Gross, Stephanie Verhoeven, Robert Middleton,
Dennis Maloney, (kneeling) Barry Hodge

Children: (left) Name unknown, Winifred Griffiths;
(right) Name unknown, Stephen Tuck, Joan Westcott

Angels(left) Shirley Jewell, Jacqueline Flynn;
(Gabriel) Joy Collacott;
(right) Margaret Goode, Ann Petherick;
(kneeling by crib) Shirley Ashford, Sheila Climo

Performed by the third class in the Junior School

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