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Old Marston War Memorial

Old Marston War Memorial
Photographed in 2016

The Old Marston War Memorial, which is situated in the churchyard of St Nicholas, is Grade II listed (List Entry No. 1441014). This listing followed an application made under the Historic England scheme running from 2014 to 2018 to add 2,500 free-standing First World War memorials to the National Heritage List for England: see The War Memorials Listing Project

It is in a prominent position to the left of the path leading to the church's entrance, facing south. It can easily be seen from Elsfield Way as it is on higher ground and the church wall is low.

It consists of a corniced stone cross with a quatrefoil motif on the front side. Its tapering shaft is octagonal with carved broach stops at the base, and is set on an octagonal plinth on a square chamfered stone with carved broach stops. This in turn stands on a two-stepped square base. The total height of the memorial is approximately 2.75 metres.

The inscription on the three faces of the front of the octagonal base reads:




On the riser of the top step are the words “Their names are recorded within the church”.

It was probably erected after 1919, when the memorial plaque inside the church was unveiled, as there is no mention of it in the report of the unveiling of that plaque in Jackson's Oxford Journal of 19 December 1919.

This memorial is on the Database of the Imperial War Museums: Marston – Cross and on the War Memorials Online website: Marston War Memorial.

For a list of all the men named on the plaque inside the church (linked to their biographies),
see the War Dead of Headington & Marston section

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