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Headstone in churchyard (George Dew)

Headstone of George

The above photograph was taken on 25 February 2006.

Headstone (Grade II listed, List Entry No. 1047608). About five metres south-west of the Church of St Nicholas, Old Marston.

This limestone headstone, which is lying on its side, has a scull mask at the top and reads:

DEWE who died
ye 25 day of August
Ao Dn 1[6]70

“Gorg Dew” is recorded in the burial register of St Nicholas Church as having been buried in the churchyard on 25 August 1670.

The footstone that also belongs to this grave is a separate listed structure.

The photograph below was kindly supplied by the Oxfordshire Family History Society. It shows the headstone rotated and newly cleaned, making the inscription much more legible.

Dew headstone

© Stephanie Jenkins

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