Lord Lieutenants of Oxfordshire

Date appointed Name Notes
1545 Charles Brandon,
Duke of Suffolk
With authority to make letters of deputation under his hand and seal unto Sir Richard Fiennes, Sir William Spencer, and Sir Anthony Cope (Knights) and John Doyley and Raffe Warcoppe (Esquires), to execute the place of Lieutenant of the said Shire in his (Lord Norreys’) absence
1596 (October) Henry, Lord Norreys
of Rycote
Had authority to make letters of deputation to Sir Richard Fiennes, Sir William Spencer, Sir Anthony Cope, John Doyley, and Raffe Warcoppe to execute the place of Lieutenant in his absence
By March 1612 William Knollys,
Earl of Banbury,
Viscount Wallingford
Appointed Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum before his commission was renewed in March 1612
1642 (August) William, 1st Viscount
Saye & Sele
Died April 1662, and buried at Broughton Castle
1660 (July) Henry,
4th Viscount Falkland
Died 1663
1663 (June) Edward,
Earl of Clarendon
1667 (March) James, 2nd Viscount
Saye & Sele
Eldest son of William above. Died in 1674
1674 James, Lord Norreys Discharged from lieutenancy in 1687 for opposing James II, but reappointed in April 1689 under William & Mary
1688 (October) Edward
1st Earl of Lichfield
1697 (May) Thomas,
Lord Wharton
His former commission was revoked
1702 (10 June) 2nd Earl Montagu
of Abingdon
Appointed until September 1705, when his commission was revoked. Reappointed May 1712 and retained until 1715. Died 16 July 1743
1715 Francis,
Earl of Godolphin
Married Henrietta, eldest daughter of John, 1st Duke of Marlborough
1739 (January) Charles, 2nd Duke
of Marlborough, kg
Died 1758
1760 (April) George, 3rd Duke
of Marlborough, kg
Died 30 January 1817
1817 (27 March) George, 4th Earl
of Macclesfield
Died 20 March 1842, aged 87
1842 George, 5th Duke
of Marlborough
Died 1 June 1857, aged 63
1857 (August) John Winston, 
6th Duke of Marlborough
On succeeding to the Dukedom in July 1857 he resigned as MP for Woodstock, moved to the House of Lords, and became Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire until his death on 5 July 1883
1883 Sir Henry William Dashwood  
1887 Victor Albert George Villiers, 7th Earl of Jersey  
1915 Charles Richard John Spencer-Churchill, 9th Duke of Marlborough  
1934 Vivian Hugh Smith, 1st Baron Bicester of Tusmore  
1954 George Loveden William Henry Parker Born 24 May 1888, died 20 Sep 1975
1963 Colonel Sir John Thomson  
1980 Sir Ashley Ponsonby  
1996 Hugo Brunner  
2008 Tim Stevenson  

For more information, see Christine Peters, The Lords Lieutenant and High Sheriffs of Oxfordshire (Perpetua Press, 1995)