Gardner’s 1852 Directory: Oxford: Trades: O–P

Oil and Colourmen

See Chemists and Druggists and Ironmongers

Painters and Glaziers

Marked * are also Plumbers and ** are Plumbers and Glaziers only

*Ball Richard, St. John’s road
Banting J., Penson’s gardens
Beesley and Carter, 15 Long Wall street
Blay Charles, St. Aldate’s street
*Bliss William, Henry, and James, Broad street
Bradfield J., 50 Broad street
*Canon Richard, St. Clements
*Dudley George Dennis, 43 Broad-street
East R.W. (herald painter), 34 St. Giles’ road
Goddard Edward, Clarendon place
Hague Richard (writer and grainer only), 106½ High street
Haynes, Edward, St. Aldate’s street
Hedges David, 43 St. Aldate’s street
Hickman Lucy, 85 High street
*Hill Sarah, 35 High street
Hill William J., 23 Pembroke-street
Hitchings Edward & Son, 14 Ship-street
Kempson John (and grainer), 51 St. Ebbe’s street
**Kench B. (and paperhanger), 67 St. Giles’-street
Kirby Richard, Summertown
*Knowles E. Frederick, 60 St. John’s-street
*Luker William Lewis, 21 Holywell-street
Mathews William (painter only), 3½ Queen-street
*Nutt Charles, 52 St. Ebbe’s-street
*Peel Robert (and glass cutter), St. Clements
*Roberts Joseph, 3½ Queen-street
**Taylor John, Paradise-square
Thicke George S., St. Clements
*Thomas R., 52 Holywell-street
Thompson W., 59 High-street
*Tibbetts James, 3 New-road
*Tyror Thomas R., 2 Friars-street
Weaver Edward, 16 Pembroke-street
*Wheeler M.E., 16 Queen-street


Ackland Henry Wentworth, 40 Broad-street
Giles Richard, Lower Cowley House, St. Clements
Jackson Robert, 32 Holywell-street
Ogle James Adey, 63 St. Giles’-street

Picture Frame Makers

See also Carvers and Gilders

Davies William, 6 Bear-lane
Petty George, St. Clements

Plasterers, Slaters, and Bricklayers

See also Builders

Akers William, Bliss-passage, Broad-street
Biggs William, New street
Collier James, 23 Littlegate-street
Guise Henry, Friar’s-wharf
Guise William, 37 Blackfriars-road
Haynes S., Penson’s-gardens
Heritage George, North-parade
Nunney W. & H., George-street
Pettyfer W. (plasterer only), St. Clements
Salmon William, Walton-road
Siderfin Kent J., Summertown
Winterborne John, Observatory-street

Poulterers and Game Dealers

Richards Robert, Summertown
Turrill James (and butter factor), 60 Cornmarket-street


Alden John, Walton-street
Baxter William, St. Aldate’s street
Cooke H. & Co., 127 High-street
Gray Edwin (copper-plate & lithographic), 18 King-street
Hall Henry, 65 Cornmarket-street
Hall Thomas, 6 new-road
Holder H., St. Aldate’s-street
Morris E.W., St. Clements
Musgrove J., 121½ High-street
Shrimpton Ingram, Cornmarket-street
Trash Frederick (& copperplate & lithographic), 111 High-street
University Press, Walton-place: James Wright, & Thomas Combe, University printers
Vincent Joseph, 90 High-street


See also Carvers & Gilders

Davies William, 6 Bear-lane
Davis Elizabeth, 7 Turl-street
Ryman James (& publisher), 24 & 25 High-street
Shrimpton John, 20 Broad-street
Thompson William, 59 High-street
Walter William H., 82 High-street
Wyatt James & Son (& publishers), 115 High-street

Professors and Teachers

Marked thus * are Professors of Music (See also University Professors)

*Adams George Andrew, 12 Ship-street
*Adams William (& dancing), 17 Pembroke-street
*Bampton, Mary Ann (and dancing), 16 New college-lane
*Barratt Miriam, 11 St. Aldate’s-street
Bertram Robert (German), 1 Queen-street
*Corf Charles, 4 Merton-street
De Briou Henry (French), 58 Cornmarket-street
*Elvey Stephen, D.M., 29 Holywell-street
*Frost Edward, 78 High street
*Grimmett William (and quadrille band master), 23 Paradise square
*Harper Cecilia Jane and Rosa Frost (and dancing), 125 High-street
Owen Jonathan (billiards), London-place, St. Clements
*Reinagle Alexander Robert, 21 Holywell-street
Richardson Joseph Vickers (drawing), 20 Magdalen-street
*Sharp Benjamin, 32 St. John-street