“Massage parlours” of Headington and Marston

Brothel in All Saints Road

The above brothel in All Saints Road was raided by 17 officers at 2pm on Friday 1 February 2008. The next day police arrested a man and woman at a house in Stoke Mandeville on suspicion of living off immoral earnings and being involved in the management of a brothel.

This raid was part of Operation Parameter, which investigates human trafficking, and police believe that women from eastern Europe were working at this brothel.

Neighbours have known for about two years that this was a brothel, and it is understood that it is the same one that was evicted some years ago from the new flats at the top of New High Street.

Other “massage parlours” in Headington and Marston

Kitten Club

The girls have been all over Headington and Marston, renting property until they are evicted. They started the business in a flat in Turret House at the top of New High Street, and the moved to a new house in Awgar Stone Road (off Horspath Driftway).

They stayed for a long time at 19 Cherwell Drive, which was bought for £240,000 on 13 April 2006. Planning permission was granted on 9 June 2006 for “Erection of two-storey rear extension and sub-division of the proposed extension and existing house to form 2x2 bedroom flats with two off street parking spaces, secure cycle parking and bin storage”, and No. 19 was sold again (presumably with the Kitten Club as sitting tenants) for £365,000 on 30 October 2007.

On Saturday 2  February 2008 at 8.35pm the Kitten Club in Cherwell Drive was raided by two thieves who took cash and jewellery and threatened four women:

Four months later on Saturday 7 June at 10.30pm a gang armed with knives robbed this brothel again:

On 21 July 2008 the Kitten Club moved to Holyoake Road, and then to Lime Walk in September 2008. When that house caught fire on 5 November 2008 they moved to a flat on the London Road near the top of Kennett Road, but in February 2009 moved out again to another Headington house.

Online reports suggest that most of the girls are Estonian, and that the female owner lives in Thailand.

There is also another branch, Kitten Club II, which operates in Headington.

469 Marston Road

Angel Beautiful Massage


This brothel at 469 Marston Road was raided by police on 10 February 2009.

BBC News:
Arrests at Oxford ‘brothel’ raid

Oxford Mail, 10 February 2009:
Three arrested in brothel raid

Venus brothel in Marston Road

Venus Massage Parlour


This club operated at 230 Marston Road (near St Michael’s Primary School) until it was raided by police at noon on Tuesday 8 April 2008 and closed down



Oxford Mail, 9 April 2008:
Venus gets a surprise visit from cops

Sasha and Friends

It started life on the London Road in Headington, however, and was the victim of an armed robbery at the end of the year 2001.:

This brothel spent its last years in Summertown,and in November 2007 was the first brothel to be raided in Oxford where human trafficking was involved.

Brothels and the law

It is not illegal for someone to work as a single prostitute from her own home, or for a group of girls to rent a flat and take turns working one day each. Brothels where a number of girls work simultaneously, and streetwalking and kerb-crawling, however, are illegal.

Sex-trafficking is particular serious, and It is thought that almost 1,500 women are brought into the UK every year and forced into prostitution to pay off the traffickers.

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