Wheelie bins in action: 2 January 2007

Right bin

Left bin

Two bins

The wheelie bins (and lilac sacks) are put out on the pavement by the refuse collectors in advance of the lorry, and then one bin is taken from each side of the street as the lorry moves slowly along the road.

Blue boxes

The contents of the blue boxes (cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, envelopes, wrapping paper etc) are collected en masse in the same type of lorry: it is specially cleaned and has two giant council wheelie bins fixed to it. The contents of the lorry are sorted mechanically when they reach the recycling plant in Milton Keynes.

Green boxes

The contents of the green boxes (glass bottles and jars, newspaper, and quality paper) are taken in a different kind of vehicle and sorted by hand while they are being collected.

© Stephanie Jenkins


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