Cuckoo Lane, Headington

In 2007 Feltham Contractors widened Cuckoo Lane westwards from Woodlands Road by removing the big grass verge on the north side. This is to make a temporary route for contractors’ vehicles to building works (a new sports hall) at Rye St Antony School (planning application 06/02436/FUL).

From Franklin Road
Looking west from Woodlands Road

A closer view looking west from Woodlands Road

Widened lane
Looking east towards Woodlands Road

The above pictures were taken on Tuesday 11 July 2007. The picture below shows what the verge was like previously (looking west).

The wide part of Cuckoo Lane

”Cuckoo Lane West”

The city council tarmacked the continuation of this lane between Headington Hill Park and the Marston Road (“Cuckoo Lane West”) in January 2007.

© Stephanie Jenkins


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