African Children’s Choir at Baptist Church

African Choir

190 people packed Headington Baptist Church to hear a stunning concert by 24 Ugandan children aged 7 to 11 on Friday night (8 June 2007) . It was hard to credit such professionalism with such young performers. They brought energy, rhythm, joy and a remarkable crispness — in fact they got the audience up on its feet clapping along, so compelling was their performance.

This tour is a remarkable, life-changing experience for these children, many of whom have lost one or both parents. Alongside the discipline of performance they get an education, good food and clothing, and a sense that they can make something out of their lives. One previous choir member was so impressed with the roads he saw whilst touring that he determined to change things back home. Now, as a qualified adult, he is an engineer working on the roads in his country.

We wish these young ambassadors well and trust that they too will go on to make a difference in Africa.

James Bloice Smith

African Children’s Choir website

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