Headington (Green Road) roundabout

Roundabout, May 2007

Above: picture showing the bisected Headington roundabout
taken from upstairs on a London-bound bus in May 2007

Headington roundabout

Above and below: Pictures of the new Headington roundabout taken
by Liz Grosvenor on the day it opened (Sunday 3 December 2006)

Headington roundabout

Every hamburger roundabout is controlled by traffic lights and has a straight-through section of carriageway for just one of the major routes. It was given this name because it resembles a cross-section through a hamburger when viewed from above.

Plan of new roundabout

How the Headington hamburger roundabout works
(reproduced by kind permission of the Oxford Mail)

The new Headington roundabout hase a one-way lane going straight across the middle for traffic from London aiming for the northern bypass, with slip-roads to Cowley, Headington, and Bayswater/Barton. The four main entrances to the roundabout (but not the Bayswater Road) are now controlled by traffic lights.

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